Life without our board

No board this morning The first thing I do in the morning when I open my eyes is check our board. Its just like brushing my teeth now. First thing galaniomama calls me..."Pea she says, can you get on the board?? I am locked out Than sparky calls me, than a few lurkers I know. Mayhem and chaos on the rock, no board :P I had the wizard's SOS number somewhere, but I write numbers down on scraps of paper, and I looted my home looking for it Now I will have to clean it up tonight. I guess, what I am saying, I love it here, the wizard has created a wonderful place. I did entertain myself tho, making bigh jealous with nature pics of the rock. :P And best of all, little ricky and victorious are back.
thank god, we are all okay....was worried there for awhile.

hey ricky - hope you are okay - good morning dutch land!
Yes, but don't fret, we're back
Rick van Opbergen
I get the feeling I should leave more often for a number of days/weeks, it seems I am appreciated far more afterwards when I return :P
ricky - all this week they have been running stories in the media about canada + is a very moving tribute to those of you on that side of the pond, and all of our heros who fought in the second world war. my dad was there when holland was liberated, and when we went back, he cried so hard! he loved the people and the country. i plant tulips every fall both for my dad and your country! cheers!
Jo Canadian
I was wondering what was up today...I actually had to pay more attention to my calls. :P
Rick van Opbergen
Thanks, galianomama And of course our many thanks to your father for freeing our nation. I've heard Martin will come to the Netherlands despite a government crisis (which has totally gone by me, my apologies). Yeah, you Canadians have a special place in our heart!
Reverend Blair
I got the oil in the truck changed.

The worst thing is that I actually have to go out, but there's men with heavy equipment and hardhats blocking my driveway. So I couldn;t go and accomplish anything important.
Hard-Luck Henry
I didn't give a ****, you losers.
Hard-Luck Henry
I'm joking! I'm joking! Please don't hit me!
Withdrawl this morning I had to go sign up on another board . The Rev was on there doubt I'll go back. They don't have a Peapod By the way Rev thats a pretty cool signature you have over there
Rick van Opbergen
British sissies (just kidding)
Reverend Blair
That sig was made for me by a mod there when it still a good board, mom. It's not the place that it used to be was eaten by trolls. They've got that under control now, and it's getting better, but it's not as nice as this place.
Jo Canadian

it was eaten by trolls. They've got that under control now, and it's getting better, but it's not as nice as this place.

??Eaten by Trolls?? What board was that? I'm relatively new to this sort of thing so I'm a little confused on what kind of havoc a "troll" can do.
Reverend Blair
I don't really want to say the name of the place in public, since I was a little less than kind. PM me if you want it though.

What happened with the trolls is that the entire place became a war zone basically. A lot of the regular posters just kind of disappeared because every time you posted anything at all, you would be attacked. I've seen it happen at other boards too.
I didn't like the look of the place once I got to looking around
Good thing you saddled up and came home eh! mom. :P
Well it's just not as fun without a Peapod
That was an interesting remark about Holland and tulips.

I heard that the original documented economic bubble first occurred in the Netherlands regarding tulips.

You've heard of the bubble and other stock market bubbles that crashed or burst, but this story of the Netherlands and their tulips in the 1500s (I think)
is fascinating.

Allegedly the world owes the Netherlands a big thank you for all the varieties of tulips they created, because tulips being such an obsession and in particularly the black tulip was such an obsession that it actually became fair trade for the price of a house and this obsession, this bubble continued until the first nederlander decided not to pay the top price of such a tulip and so the first recorded economic bubble was documented.

Anyway, I do like this board and I've been a little too much but still enjoy the debate and I do believe the truth might only be discovered by adversaries, since truth itself has no real constituency.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Frappuccino Dibs
I couldn't get on at all yesterday - I had to work instead.
Me too...I was bored to tears doing a Power Point presentation all day!! At least I'll have something to run through with my little trainees next week now though.

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