Back from the Lake

Ten Packs
Back from the lake, great time. Got my load of firewood stacked under the front of the unit, flower boxes planted with bedding plants (Marigolds, Asters and a Supertunia). Just ran into clouds as we were driving back, overcast and sprinkling now - couldn't have timed it better.
Glad you had a good time. I love it out there.
Reverend Blair
Are there any monsters in that lake, Ten Packs. George Stromboulopis was talking abot Nessie tonight and now I'm in the mood for a myth.
tenny - good to have you back....waiting for pics. look over the boards and post when you can!
Ten Packs
Sorry mama - no pics this time; the Manager of my wifes office had to go take a pic of a new clients house over the weekend (insurance stuff). Hoping for a Digi-Cam for my birthday (early August).

I've dropped enough hints, you could suck them up with a Hoover....
Reverend Blair
You could use a new camera, Ten Packs. You could use it to take pictures of lake monsters.

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