Morning Henry

Top of the morning to you henry :P What mischief are you up to today :P Its a beautiful day on the island, the sun is shining, and I am eating my bran buds
Hard-Luck Henry
Hey hoe, podpea. Our island, too, is bathed in sunshine for a change. Not hot, but sunny and bright. I'm about to pick the bossman up from school, and then off to the park or woods or beach for a mini-tramp.

(hehehe Bran buds, eh? Very healthy, Pea. What are you having for flavour? )
A nana henry, otherwise known as a banana :P A tramp in the woods should like a good way to start the day big H. Watch out for bengal tigers I sent you an email with the details of my "a-roaming" adventure. Now remember its not my intention to make you drool or envy my little piece of the planet.
Hard-Luck Henry
nana, huh? I thought as much. You know It's not the start of the day for me P - it's 1520. But still - a nice stroll in last of the late afternoon sunshine can be just as pleasant.

I suffer from wanderlust at the best of times, P., but when I see that island of yours, I just want to jump in a canoe and start paddling. (Let's see; left at the end of the River Dee, around the bottom of Ireland then straight across the Atlantic. I've heard that I should watch out for 'Newfies', so if I go up a bit I should find one of those little bays - Hudson or Baffin, either will do. A bit of a hike from there to your place, but after all that paddling, I'll be glad to stretch my legs a bit. See you in a couple of months, then )
Now big H you know that you and your little family can come and visit anytime. A paddle with you big H, I have the feeling would be a great honor and pleasure. Galaniomama could take your mrs. shopping
Just waking up eh? So what are you eating for breakfast henry :P
Hard-Luck Henry
Yawn. Morning podpea. Just a bit of yoghurt and a banana now, as I'm about to go for a run. I'll have a proper munch when I get back.

Hey P, were is cosmo - board-wise - these days, anyway?
Well henry you know her partner has MS, she has not been well. And cosmos is not feeling that great herself. Well maybe I should pay them a visit and make them so mad they will forget they are sick
Hard-Luck Henry
Morning peapod. A morning quote for you:

"The grand show is eternal. It is always sunrise somewhere; the dew is never dried all at once; a shower is forever falling; vapor is ever rising. Eternal sunrise, eternal dawn and gloaming, on sea and continents and islands, each in its turn, as the round earth rolls."

It's just a pity I have to work, and can't really enjoy it for long. Ok ... ten more minutes, then I really must make a move.

(John Muir, btw, though I expect you knew)
Well thats exactly what I came looking for henry, before I bed the cows down for night and shut the barn doors :P I got a book of Barry Lopez's essay's for me birthday henry, details will follow. :P Well big H off you go and start your day. Later gater.
Good evening Big H :P but its good day here, a little tibit that one of your countrymen left in regards to me island :P

Sunday 29th (of March 177. At length at 9 o'clock in the morning of the 29th as we were standing on the NE we again saw the land, which at noon when our latitude was 49*29'30" N, longit. 232*29' east, extended from NWBN to ESE the nearest part about 6 leagues dist'. The country had a very different appearence to what we had before seen.
It was full of high mountains whose summits were covered with snow; but the vallies between them and land on the sea coast, high as well as low, was cloathed with wood.
The SE extreme of the land formed a low point off which are many breakers, occasioned by sunken rocks, on this account it was called Point breakers. It lies in the latitude of 49*15' N, longit. 233..20"(E) and the other extreme in about the latitude of 50 & longit. 232*00 E:this last I named (woddy Point), it projects pretty much out to the SW and is high land. Between these two points the shore forms a wide bay, which I calld Hope Bay, in which from the appearance of the land, we hoped to find a good harbour and event proved we were not misstaken.
Captain James Cook, journal entry for March 29, 1778.
Hard-Luck Henry
Ah, Captain Cook - a great explorer, P. It's just a shame others decided to follow him, and murder everybody in sight.

Blimey - that's a bit heavy, isn't it? I must have wobbly chakras. What I meant to say was: "I'm glad he discovered your island, otherwise there would be no peapod, or galianomama."
Heya big H. I have been reading the poetry link you sent me. This one I really like. :P

One man on his own can be quite good fun
But don't go drinking with two -
They'll probably have an argument
And take no notice of you.

What makes men so tedious
Is the need to show off and compete.
They'll bore you to death for hours and hours
Before they'll admit defeat.

It often happens at dinner-parties
Where brother disputes with brother
And we can't even talk among ourselves
Because we're not next to each other.

Some men like to argue with women -
Don't give them a chance to begin.
You won't be allowed to change the subject
Until you have given in.

A man with the bit between his teeth
Will keep you up half the night
And the only way to get some sleep
Is to say, 'I expect you're right.'

I expect you're right, my dearest love.
I expect you're right, my friend.
These boring arguments make no difference
To anything in the end.
Hard-Luck Henry
Note to peapod: That's the one I said would be "up your street" in an email. (That means "to your taste", P )

btw, are you able to listen to the recordings as well? If not I'll put them on mp3 for you.
Henry you are to good to me :P Mrs Henry is so very lucky
Hard-Luck Henry
hehhe: Try telling her that. Then pop your fingers in your ears.
Well perhaps I will one day henry when you come visit me for that paddle
Hard-Luck Henry
That would be cool, to coin a phrase. But P., I need to know - did the audio recordings of those poets work?
Yes I almost forgot henry, I had another strange email this morning from my gardening it is :P

The man and woman began a conversation that lasted the rest of their lives. It included a house and furniture and two childern. One day the man died unexpectedly. For many years the woman lived alone. Whens he was much older, she found herself walking through the neighborhood in brazil, the native home of the philodenron.
Twlight darkened the air, which was scented with a faint, unfamiliar perfume. The temperature was 50 degrees F, and the woman had draped a light sweater over her shoulders. In front of another public garden, she stopped and before a bed of flowering P. selloum. Their green spathes were loose, pulled away from the spadix. The woman bent down and touched the clublike rod.

It was hot!
She pulled back in surprise. She reached down again before sitting like a child, cross-leged on the sidewalk, in front of the flowers. The white spadix burned 115 degress. The male florets generated heat. The heat vaporized a spicy resinous smell.
Suddenly, on the sidewalk, the women heard her husband whisper in her ear. She felt him touch her neck in the old way. Everything that had ever happened in her life was still happening now.

very cool eh
Hard-Luck Henry
eah, very cool ... in an odd sort of way.

But now, P., I'm going to ask you, for the very last time, a simple question that requires an even simpler answer: Y or N. Were you able to listen to the audio recordings of those poets reading their own poems? There was an audio player above each poem - did you press play, and did it work? Come on P., you can do it ... Yes, or No?
Are you asking me a question henry f so, it should be over in the question thread, don't you think? You are always nit pickin you proper welsh man. Maybe mrs. H is on to something Well seeing as I am here already, the answer is YES I heard the poems, and the recitings were right proper to!
Hard-Luck Henry
"Right proper". I love it!
More like I was "brilliant" to use right proper :P Bob's your uncle big H :P
Hard-Luck Henry
You're smashin', pea. :P
smashing peas, like the smashing pumpkins, I can live with that :P
Evening bigH lunch time when are you going a-roaming again :P and where exactly.....stay off my ancestors hills big H.
Hard-Luck Henry
:P Hiya P? I'm going a-roaming tomorrow. Back to Helvellyn - I think mate feels a little embarrassed about last time we were there, and wants to 'get back onthe bike', so to speak. He needn't feel embarrassed; the conditions were quite atrocious.
no spandex tho bigH, right!!!!
Hard-Luck Henry
Spandex? Ah - Lycra. No way, P., not in the hills, anyway.
later orange peel, got work to do.

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