Off for a few days

Derry McKinney
It isn't uncommon with second-hand dogs. People suck, dogs rule.
Uh you still sound pretty bitter there Derry :PAwesome looking cabin you rented Jay
Derry McKinney
I've never seen a dog drown a baby, Mr. Mom.
No they just tear them apart with there teeth instead
Say with Australian accent.

ďA dingo stole my baby"

"Awesome looking cabin you rented Jay"

Thanks. I can't wait to get there, but I don't want to wish my summer away either...
Derry McKinney

No they just tear them apart with there teeth instead

Yeah, and I don't worry about cultures that eat dogs. That's far different than, "We're too stupid to get our dog spayed so we'll drown the puppies."

If a dog attacks a kid, it isn't the dog's fault it is the owners' fault. Dogs do not think like people. They will fight for territory or if threatened. Some breeds have a high prey instinct. They are still, in their tiny little doggy brains, wolves. That can not be trained out of a dog. The best you can ever manage is a tenuous sort of control. If you trust a dog that is territorial or has a high prey instinct around a kid, then you are asking for trouble.

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