Job Interview from Hell

The other thread about job interviews brought back some memories of job interviews gone horribly awry - I'm sure we've all had these. What are some of your stories?

My toughest - right out of university for a large international consulting firm. It was an empty room with three chairs in it, no table. There were two interviewers, and they sat a few feet apart facing me. They proceeded to take turns asking me rapid fire questions, first one, then the other. This went on for about 45 minutes. The whole thing was designed to rattle you - it was more like an interrogation.

Another bad one - I had applied for a position while I was a student. I had taken a few years of French Immersion during high school, but really hadn't had the chance to use it in the past five years or so. I went in for the interview, not realizing that I had indicated that I was bilingual on the application form - big mistake! Half way through they switched to French. I could understand it, but it took me a while to process the questions, and my answers were mostly one-word answers. I'll never make that mistake again!
Reverend Blair
My favourite job interview was for a job I didn't want. I wouldn't have applied if I knew who it was, but I didn't realize until I got the call for the interview. I was afraid pogey would check, so I felt I had to go though.

I showed up in ripped jeans and a T-Shirt that featured Mickey Mouse shooting dope, gave some really abrasive, but truthful, answers ("Well, Ted, if you'd keep the machines clean and balanced your quality would be better"), and lit a cigarette on my way out, while standing under a no smoking sign.

I couldn't believe how long the interview went for, or that he even called me. He knew me, I knew him, we both knew that we hated each other, and it was clear that he wasn't going to hire me and I wasn't going to work for him.

I found out later that his boss, who used to hang around with my old boss, was pushing for me because he wanted somebody to replace Ted. That would have been a pretty good gig.

The worst interview I ever had was a board. It was like yours, Mike, but there were three people. One of them was hostile towards me and the other two interviewers. As far as he was concerned there were no right answers. I have a feeling there was some weird office politics going on.

They called me back for a second interview, but I never went back. It didn't strike me as a happy place to work.
Tom McNall
I refuse to be a member of any place that will have me. That is why I am self employed.
Reverend Blair
An excellent policy, Tom. One that I have dived into with willful force too. I like it, Mrs. Rev likes it, but it scares the crap out of our parents. They have this odd idea that you have to work for somebody or by a farm.

You can take take the old people out of Saskatchewan, but they just move back.
Tom McNall
You mean there are people in Saskatchewan? I thought it was nothing but wheat fields and Regina.

Seriously though, I though Saskatchewan was pretty.....pretty flat I only drove through once about 12 years ago.

I found some new smilies and I like it.
Reverend Blair

You mean there are people in Saskatchewan?

Unless they all come to visit me at once.


I thought it was nothing but wheat fields and Regina.

No making fun of Regina until you've passed out in a bar there and the waitress has kept serving you. wonder they used to bet on when I'd die.


Seriously though, I though Saskatchewan was pretty.....pretty flat iroc I only drove through once about 12 years ago.

You forgot to drive by the farm. To bad too. The hills aren't high, but they are cool.
Tom McNall
Hopefully no offence was taken, I was just having some fun.
Reverend Blair
No offence taken at all, Tom. I love Saskatchewan, but it's hard not to make fun of it.

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