Happy Birthday, Pea!

Happy birthday, peapod!!!

Just ignore the "Calvin" part... I got a deal.
Happy birthday Peapod how old aren't you? :P :P :P Have a great day
From me, too!

Vanni Fucci
Hey Pea...is it really your birthday???

Well, at any rate...
Happy Bday Peapod...Edge and I wish you all the best.
Dam you ladyC you got that from the talk on board Thanks, and now I have to find my bed, I have been making merry at galaniomamas, and I am sure emma dibbs will have some stories for you. Blah!
I did and I didn't, pea. My sister's birthday was yesterday, and I remembered yours was right around the same time.

Hope you had a good one.
Hard-Luck Henry
Looks like I got back just in time.

:P Happy Birthday, Flowergirl

Ola! Henry...you have returned back from your a-roaming :P, I am sad now henry Emma dibbs and Mr. dibbs and wee william have left for vancouver. We had a wonderful time with them, and they are really really nice people. I missed ya wanderer

Side note: Mr. dibbs will be joining the board...they call him Mr. dibbs :P I am not exactly feeling well today henry, to much merry making, and having to put up with mad max galaniomamas son...yikes he has a mullet now
yeah, emma and paul were just great! we had a lot of fun with them, and they are sooo sweet! love 'em to bits. and baby.

yup, max has gone to the dark side with his hair this time, eh pea? that mullet is way too much, and i can't wait til i have the opportunity to bring out the pruning shears. gawd awful.
Have a great day!
Hey where is my happy birthday from little ricky....something not right around here....woo hooooo....Ricky??????
All the very best to you on your day..
Happys to you, Pea!
thanks twila..its all over now, I would rather forget about it and go bowling :P
So are you saying that today is you UNbirthday?

Cause guess what? It's my UNbirthday today, too!

A very merry unbirthday to you!
Oops I meant Unbirthday Twila
I wanted to change the name of the thread to happy birthday pea and twila...2 aires eh twila.

The heat is on twila now...happy birthday twila :P
oh no, it's my unbirthday. I get 364 of those a year. Just like everybody else!

(It's a Alice In Wonderland reference.
Rick van Opbergen
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

Hey where is my happy birthday from little ricky....something not right around here....woo hooooo....Ricky??????


Sorry!!! Oy, I leave the board for two days, and THIS happens!!

Happy bday Twila and Pea
Rick van Opbergen

I was so quick in reading the first post and responding immediately, that I didn't notice the announcement about Twila's birthday

Happy Birthday, Twila!
Vanni Fucci
Happy Unbirthday Twila...

Oh, and of course we mustn't forget the obligatory....
Hard-Luck Henry
Hope you have another Happy Unbirthday, Twila!
You too Henry, a very merry UNbirthday to you!

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