The Emma has Landed

she's here! and we love her + her paul + her 'wee william'. they all speak funny and are very nice.....emma you are too good! we are at pea's and eating and stuffing our faces and telling canuck stories...pea of course has gone on a 'rant' and insists on wearing her long johns and hip waders, the usual....

must go, i have been caught
Vanni Fucci
Hey, I hear it's raining pretty hard over on the left coast...I'll bet Emma feels right at home...
Sorry vanni, it might have been raining everywhere else but not here, it was a nice day. Emma dibbs is fabulous! and now Mr. dibbs is going to join the board when they go home We have all had a wonderful time together, in fact the starbuck jesters are impressed with the category of people that come to our little board after meeting the dibbs. I hope this does not mean more of them will join the board I am sure emma will have alot of stories to tell you all about her vacation to canada when she gets back to britian. Tomarrow Mr and Mrs dibbs and wee william depart, its been wonderful having them Who next??
Okay zen and edge you are practially next door, when are you coming up here?????
Reverend Blair

Hey, I hear it's raining pretty hard over on the left coast...I'll bet Emma feels right at home...

I don't think we can laugh at the people in the rain forest after last night/this morning, Vanni. I can't recall ever having seen lightning like that in April before. A lot of dogs are afraid of lightning. I have four dogs. Three of them slept on top of me.

Somebody say "bye" to Emma and Mr. Emma for me. Tell them I'm sorry for the Vancouver airport and the rude people that work there, too.
Well thats one thing you have on us rev, I wouldn't mind seeing a big electrical storm once and awhile. Golfers apparently get hit with lighting here every once and awhile....pity isn't it
Reverend Blair
Anybody who stands in field with a metal stick in his hands deserves to get hit by lightning.
Do you have a picture of Pea in those sexy long johns and hip waders?
Oh she is bull****ing nick, I don't own any long johns, what would I need them for, its never cold enough here, and those things are picky and itchy and I don't like flaps. But I have a few pairs of waders.
Yo Nickfun; Ask her for some pics in some of her sexy dusters
Ok I will. Pea, got any of them sexy dusters pics?
Blah! thats boring, lets make it more interesting, you two post pics of yourselves in boxers and I will post mine, :P not in boxers tho
I prefer to wear dark colored briefs. Will that do?
Col Man
only if you wear them on your head..... :P
Yes good idea col man...dark boxers on your head will do, and don't forget the fig leaf either
I shall come appropriately attired with the briefs on my head. But I will not wear boxers. I don't like that "hanging loose" feeling.
uh huh...and would you be bring the three college girls your having sex with in your avatar
No way Pea. They will remain on my patio. Just you and me ;0
uh huh...but has you can see in my avatar I already got a you and me. .I hope you are using a condom on the patio with those college girls :P

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