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"Years ago, at age 20, Sakichi Toyoda, the son of a Shizouka carpenter, became interested in the mechanics of looms. Four years later, despite many challenges, he patented his first wooden loom that increased production by 50 percent. His obsession continued until he invented Type G looms, that could detect flaws and automatically stop.
In 1929, he sent his oldest son (Kiirchiro Toyoda) to England to negotiate the sale of the patent to Platt Brothers for one million Yen (about the equivalent of $11,500 current Candaian). That capital financed the establishment of Toyota Automobile, which is currently the second largest automaker in the world...."

Vancouver Province, last weekend.
A pig can have an orgasam for 30 minutes.
A female ferret will die if it goes into heat and cannot find a mate.
The male tick doesn't have a *****. Instead, he uses his nose to sniff out the females ******. Once he's made it large enough by poking his nose around, he turns round and deposits his seamen. To finish the job off, he then turns round again and pushes the seamen inside with his trusty nose.

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