Rick van Opbergen
Moghrabi hasn't been much around lately. Does anybody know where he is?
BOO! right behind you well I have seen him here, just the other day. And not long ago he posted about his concerns for the sponge. :P He says he is very busy right now. How come so many people actually have something to do at work
Can't be that concerned with the sponge.....he hasn't posted anything further about the future well being of the sponge......unless he's involved in some kind of underground sponge thing? Think it's possible?
Reverend Blair
That could be, know how these underground sponge movements can soak up people's time.
you are right Rick
Rick van Opbergen
Maybe moghrabi has been kidnapped by Patrick? Just an idea.
Reverend Blair
Maybe that squid next door had him busted for having too much fun.
maybe morg secretly lusts for the sponge, its alright morg, we don't care who you are dating :P At least its someone that can clean up after you.

Maybe that squid next door had him busted for having too much fun.

You know, Squidward has done some pretty cruel things to Spongebod in the past. Maybe he HAS kidnapped Morghrabi in an attempt to subvert the movement and claim all that attention.

Maybe Mr. Crab felt the attention Spongebob was receiving through Morghabi's movement was bad for the restaurant.

Or....maybe Plankton is involved. He's probably got Morghabi locked up in the Chum Bucket restaurant......
Your all wrong :P Its Gary he ate him
Reverend Blair
What about that squirrel chick? She might know something.
Sandy Cheeks? Are you kidding? She lives in an air bubble.

Gary would never do such a thing. The snail Spongebob had adopted to replace Gary when Gary went to live with Patrick for awhile might have eat him. Larry was his name. Nasty nasty snail. Nasty nasty miaow on him too.
Rick van Opbergen
What about the Flying Dutchman? No, no, I'm NOT involved
Well I don't like to gossip, much :P I heard that morghabi was trying to impress someone over at mussel beach and ripped his pants. Lots of "nautical nonsense with his sponge buddies" lots of "body" humor. Don't tell anyone tho :P
Reverend Blair
It'll be our little secret, Peapod.
I'm Back. Thanks all for the concern. I was shooting a new movie. SpongeBob SquarePants takes on the White House. Thanks all for the asking about me. I have tears in my eyes now.
Reverend Blair
Sponge Bob would make an excellent president. Hope you spend some more time here, Mog.
Thanks Rev. I'll try to be here more often now that I have a break.
For awhile there morg I thought maybe you were being held captive by falwell, roberton, and dobson for sticking up for the sponge.
hehehhe..hey mogh...I retrieved your favorite avatar, for your return...I know how it bugs you. hehehehhehehehe. Besides you will probally need the extra 6 shooter around here.

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