This is for real.

Ten Packs
On a largely American, largely-RV-oriented Forum I belong to, I have a friend and Admin from Oklahoma, who is leading a group of folks and their Motorhomes up to a summer-long trip to Alaska. I have been giving him travel/highway tips, for BC, since about February. He started a thread about his excitement a couple days ago (they leave in ten days!), and tonight I dropped this one on him (check the links, too):


I just thought, Buddy - have you or any of your group been boning up on Metric Time conversion? We are supposed to start bringing it in on June 21st (the longest day of the year).

I'll try to find a couple of links for you.

Here - try these, if you haven't looked into it already: (external - login to view) (external - login to view)

I might be able to give you some tips, if you're stuck on anything - I havent quite got it down pat yet - I find myself still converting "back" a fair bit, but then I spend a lot of time on largely American sites.

OH! And btw - don't confuse it with "decimal time"; they seem similar, but are not the same. We are going with the French Metric system, for obvious reasons. They may be a bit "wingy" in their politics, but their centuries-old study of time is the best in the world.
This will explain the difference: (external - login to view)

Vanni Fucci
Reverend Blair
Now that's cool. I'll bet somebody there bought it too.
Ten Packs

Also, nobody has done a "WTF?" on June 21st....... "longest day of the year"? - ALL DAYS ARE THE SAME; June 21st just has the most daylight! So what?

OH, you are so MEAN!!!

(Didn't tell them where you live, did you?)
Ten Packs
Well, I'm a Mod there, so they know the TOWN - but there's 80 thousand of us, and I live 10 Miles outside of town.... hee, hee, hee.
That's way too funny
Oh, you're going to get some blowback on that one!!

Why didn't you try that on April Fool's day? You'd be the AP King forever!
Reverend Blair
April fools jokes seldom work on as well on the first. People are expecting something. I think that since it's within a week of the date that it still counts.

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