For lunch today I had.....

deep fried Cassava with cajun dip. It was very good....

What about you? What did you have for lunch?
Cheese Omlet nummy!
salmon salad sandwich...real salmon to...caught by my brother and canned :P
Ummmmm Salmon one of my favs
Rick van Opbergen
Hey, you stole this idea from my breakfast thread :P

Sorry, sometimes I can get real arrogant.

What I had for lunch? *thinks* Two buns with filet americain ...
filet americain? is that like meat?? I had yellow pea soup not from a can either :P and a big juicy pear...australian...very yummy! Are we going to start a dinner thread to :P Just like old times eh ricky
Rick van Opbergen
Yeah, filet americain (or is it filet american? You have to say it with a French tone, like "filay americayn") is raw meat, yes, it's a sort of ... I don't know what it is really I do know it's yummy, and expensive! (me mom loves me so much :P ... OK, OK, my sister was also there, but hey, I just know she bought it for me, end of story ...)

Yeh, we could start a dinner thread. Shall I start it?
Reverend Blair
Mushroom soup and some cheddar cheese.
I skipped lunch today.

Sounds like the rev should have skipped it two Jay. :P I bet it was all processed to rev.
Reverend Blair
The cheese was real. So was the milk. The soup came out of a can though.
Ricky, I had already started a dinner thread waaaaaay back.

I had nacho chips for lunch with a banana. Ick!
Grilled cheese for me and not that processed crap
Rick van Opbergen
Quote: Originally Posted by Twila

Ricky, I had already started a dinner thread waaaaaay back.

Did not :P
Did too
Alright, I didn't....I actually started this:

My apologies for misremembering. I'm old, decrepit and senile. and I forget, I think. Sometimes but not always. on occasion.
Rick van Opbergen
Well ehm actually "my" thread was started by peapod ...
Reverend Blair
Tomorrow I'm having beer and cigarettes for lunch.

Don't worry Pea, the beer will be all natural Two Rivers and the tobacco will be Drum...the most natural of highly carcinogenic products.
Well rev at least your honest
today for lunch i had garlic chicken soup and a huge green salad from one of my fave restaurants...the grindstone...oh, and a coffee. not of that latte garbage either, just a regular joe.
Regular joe? What's that? Is that some kind of new fangled drink all dem yungins is drinken?

Just kidding. Coffee flavoured coffee is my favourite coffee flavoured coffee drink.
Rick van Opbergen
Noodles. Spicy noodles.
Well I had a bowel of Bran flakes, an apple and a cereal bar. I know ceral overload but I was rushing to get to the pub before work!!
"a bowel of bran" emma :P That galaniomama did you read her post, the women dines out everyday!!!! You can catch her, in any funky restaurant in victoria, snorting up food. No wonder she has to work, somebody got to pay for her gastro fetish.
Blah! I am having curry butter chicken and basmati rice for lunch, yum yum...and of course roti bread.
Oh- that sounds lovely'll have to excuse my spelling!! Anyway my dinner is Mediterranean sausage salad and toast (you may have guessed that we are emptying the fridge before our hols!!!)
What is Roti bread?
Its a east indian flat round bread, it works really good as a mop for the curry, and it taste really good to.
Is it like Naan bread? I love garlic naan bread!
Reverend Blair
I have my beer and my cigarettes. Oh, and I fried up a couple of eggs, refried some mashed taters (in real butter), and tossed an onion in for good measure. I smothered the whole thing in pepper and garlic powder, then dumped on some ketchup.

It was yummy.
Sounds yummy- you all have yummy things and I have a salad! It is yummy but I wants what you all have...apart from the cigarettes...I have food envy!

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