For lunch today I had.....

You are a brave lass machjo
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

You are a brave lass machjo

Not at all. I still haven't reached the point where I'm capable of shoving a cube of fulou or chou doufu (both forems of fermented tofu) into my mouth without gagging. I tried with chou doufu once as part of a challenge, and I had to spit it out out of fear that I would vomit had I tried to swallow it whole. the stuff is vile, but some people here love it. All the more power to them!

My goal, however, is to one day be able to eat it without having to spit it out, or have it come out any other way.
For lunch today I am eating a plate of raw vegies and curry dip. Yummy!
Tuna salad on a calabrese bun, cola, peach yogurt, and 2 chocolate wafer biscuits, with green grapes on the side!
Diamond Sun
Hmm. Lunch today I had left over Mac and Cheese, it's one of the few things I can stomach at this stage. Oh, and oranges.
DIAMOND! so nice to see you back
Diamond Sun
I pop in and out, when I have a moment. It's just TOO hard to stay away for long.
The chicken flavoured Mr.Noodles.
Well I miss you and haggis around here....ah! the good old days eh?
Diamond Sun
yes, the good old days. I just was popping in and saw someone I thought I recognized from another forum, and yep, it's them, in a different persona. Aren't forums fun?
Oi! a nutter in disquise than don't ya just love that its not Girgandi is it?? nah! I can spot him anywhere. Oh the stories I could tell you diamond Nutters with twaddle everywhere
Diamond Sun
Oh! I forgot our old friend Giraldi! That guy almost had me convinced that Canada really WAS out to get everyone!
I got to give that nut job credit He sure knew how to get my blood to boil I'd love to meet him and rip him a new ******* :P
Well in that case mom, lets hope he never paid for a **** bleaching
You are a baaaad Pea Pod HEHEHEHHE
Hey mom, I never brought the whole thing up. I never even heard of such a thing until yesterday I can never look at another *** the same way again, thanks to twinks :P
From the sounds of it I don't think a new ******* will doing anything positive for this person of which you speak....

Pea, aren't you glad you know about bleaching! lol

today for lunch I had left over chicken Caccitorri and fruit juice......
Yes twinks...I will always wonder now..when I see a fine *** walking down the street :P
Theres Pea watching a porno :P She jumps up and screams that woman as had her **** bleached its pink not brown
I'll make sure to keep you all up today with the latest *** esthetics as they come to light.
stop stop My side is starting to hurt
Well stay out of the rabbit holes when your searching twink :P Mom I have never watched a porno in my life, which reminds me that is how I met a anti porno meeting in cranny brook...and ehm...she was the only person there arguing for it. I remember thinking...dumb bitch! blah! the next year we were room mates
I think not
Skipped lunch
Assorted sub
I really don't think you could do a BC river Jay with the diet you eat :P

For lunch I had this huge bowl of bortch. I could not stop eating the I gots a hubbley bubbley happening in my stomach. *belch* mmmmmmm there was alot of cabbage in with those beets. Perfect for the meeting this afternoon
Ham and cheese

Your a veg aren't you Pea? :P
Nope I am not mom, but I don't buy meat at the supermarket...I buy it at organic planet...I don't eat meat all the time, maybe a couple of times a week... hey did you hear about the tsunami warning in tofino
They had a warning there too?
Saganaki and Dolmades....with Baklava for dessert...YUM!!!


hey did you hear about the tsunami warning in tofino Shocked

I bloody well heard about it, but they didn't mention Tofino. Spent a half hour freaking out whether or not to call the folks and let them know.....
hehehhe my cousin lives in tofino, he had a hangover to when the siren went

Quake prompts brief tsunami warning for B.C. News Staff

A major earthquake struck off the coast of northern California on Tuesday, prompting a fleeting but sweeping tsunami warning from the California-Mexico border to Vancouver Island.

No injuries or damages were reported as a result of the 7.0-magnitude quake. But for a short time, it did raise fears of a tsunami.

The quake struck at approximately 7:50 p.m. local time Tuesday, about 145 kilometres southwest of the coastal community of Crescent City, California.

The West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center (WCATWC) published a bulletin warning of the possibility the undersea quake could trigger a tsunami.

It was cancelled about an hour after the quake hit.

The mayor of Tofino, B.C., had been preparing to evacuate people from low-lying areas before the tsunami bulletin was cancelled. The area received the bulletin just before 9 p.m. local time.

However, the movement of the earthquake was horizontal, not vertical, which is typically what leads to a tsunami.

"It was a strike slip zone, so luckily no vertical movement of water," said Denny Sinnott, the tidal officer for the Institute of Ocean Sciences.

Once officials noticed that none of the nearby California or Oregon tidal stations had been affected, then the alert was called off, Sinnott told CTV's Canada AM.

"But you don't know that at the time. This location of the plate is not unlike Sumatra in that one plate is going under another," he said.

The Dec. 26 tsunami triggered by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean killed at least 176,000 in Sumatra, Indonesia, and other nearby countries.

It also added to fears of such wave hitting elsewhere, such as British Columbia. And tsunamis are not unheard of in this part of the world.

In the spring of 1964, a magnitude-8.4 quake in Alaska triggered tsunamis that killed more than 120 people. The waves touched British Columbia and the states of Washington, California and Hawaii.

As a result of the December tsunamis, Indonesia will unveil a national tsunami warning system in August.

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