Do you think TV,PC,internet, etc are destroying families??

View Poll Results: Do you think TV,PC,internet, etc are destroying families??
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Yes - TV is the worst 1 8.33%
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I have read somewhere that 70% of North American children have a TV in their room. Also 50% have a computer in their room. Do you think that this causes families to split apart? ie (mother watching her shows in livingroom, father watching his shows in bedroom, child on internet in his room).

Are TV/Internet cutting into the time families usually spend together?

Do you have examples?

I know parents who claim they only see their kid when he/she goes to the bathroom or goes to eat.

Are parents relying on TV/PC as a babysitter?

Is this the cause for large cases of obesity in children?
If you combine the hours people watch TV in addition to time spent on net. There is not much time to do anything else. Throw in stopping at the drive through on way home from work and you can see wht obesity is quickly becoming an epidemic.

My sister in Law sits on computer practically all day, she cant leave it. If she goes out, as soon as she is in she has to be online to check e mails. I personally think she has net-addiction and since her life revolves around the computer first, it has caused problems for my brother.
Reverend Blair
I think it depends a lot on the situation. I never spent a lot of time at home when I was a kid. Never watched a lot of TV either, at least not with them. The same goes for most of my friends. When my parents were kids, they had other concerns but the result was much the same.

Is that a lot different from not being in the same room with your parents because you are on the internet?

Same with the husband and wife situation. I likely spend more time with Mrs. Rev than my parents or grandparents spent together.
If anything it's pure laziness that's destroying families. People with no drive to entertain their kids. Even when I was a kid we barely watched TV or played video games. we were much more entertained by going for bike rides, making forts, all that fun active stuff that has apparently disappeared. Fact of the matter the obesity and laziness problem isn't going to get any better at this rate, parents need to teach their children moderation and other means of entertainment, it's as simple as taking your kids for walks, bike rides, taking them outside, showing them there is more to life then what's behind the TV and Computer screen.
I don't think TV or PC's have anything to do with it. Any declines in family life are mostly to do with the 'modern' lifestyle. The dream of suburbia has turned into a soul-sucking commute to & from work. No time or energy to play, or cook properly. The culture of fear fostered by the media means we won't let our kids out of our site anymore, imagining a pedophile around every corner. These things are hurting family life.
There aren't all that many real families left anyway..a mother and a father in the same house
Quote: Originally Posted by Reverend Blair

I think it depends a lot on the situation. I never spent a lot of time at home when I was a kid. Never watched a lot of TV either, at least not with them. The same goes for most of my friends. When my parents were kids, they had other concerns but the result was much the same.


In my day (born in 67) there was not much tv maybe 13 channels when I was a kid in the 70's, no internet and video games were that pong game from sears and vcr's back then were not availble. Plus Mom was at home and did not work until we were a lot older. So we spent a lot of time outside (sometimes whether we wanted to or not and we were not allowed to watch TV for hours except on rare occasion, we were sent or told to go outside) playing street hockey, exploring the bush down the road, etc.

But now a days two parents work out of necessity so when the kids get home they have 70 channels minimum to choose from on TV, Internet, X-Boxes etc and if mom and dad don't want to cook they take out.

So many fast food restaurants now with drive throughs and they are all busy. Society in a way with all this new technology is becoming very inactive. People work more and don't feel like walking or going to park as much anymore. Not all people but I have noticed that obesity is almost the norm now.
hey - don't forget the tv in the back seat of the van! i love to veer in behind so i can catch a movie too!

yeah, i'm with you guys, way too much tv and it is pure garbage as far as i can tell. we had my husband's nephew stay with us last summer. the kid was so white he looked transparent. unhooked him from the 'puter and tv....he had never gone to the beach for the day, just bummed around and made a raft and tried to get drowned, nothing. so, for the week we basically did what i use to do with my kids, beaching, bumming and burning. we had a great week and he almost looked 'normal' by the time he was shipped home.
thats right you can always spot them, they are always pastey white, and something is missing in the eyes...I think its imagination :P
yeah, they kinda remind me of little loaves of white know, the kind that comes in the polka dot bag....
MMMike said

"I don't think TV or PC's have anything to do with it. Any declines in family life are mostly to do with the 'modern' lifestyle."

TV and PC's (as well as cars) are part of the modern lifestyle. In fact people have been worried about modern communications and the effects it has on people since the time of radio. Harold Innis saw this coming down the pipe in the mid part of the century. Not only is the message important. The media on which that message is passed is crucial. The average Canadian watches 3 hours of TV per day. That is an eighth of our day. If you extrapolate these figures a person spends roughly 10 years (24 hours a day) of their life watching the boob. This doesn't factor in internet time. People (especially kids) seem to be so divorced from reality and need to unplug. This ties into the obesity problem we are having.

In terms of family life. Children are being raised thinking that all the information they need is on TV/PC. 70% of Americans get 100% of their information from TV. The credibility of these sources are often quite questionable.

Studies have shown that memory and attention span are adversely affected by television (including PC). There seems to be a rise in ADHD children. When a person is constantly being entertained by flashing lights and sounds it is difficult to have the attention span to read a book. We are living in a environment of hightened stimulation. Library attendence is at an all time low. We are creating a generation (which I am part of) of people who are severely dependent on the media and enjoyment derived from watching TV and surfing the net. I don't know what to do with myself when the power goes out and it depresses me. I'm from NW Ontario in the heart of the outdoors country and I'm so divorced from the outdoors it is shocking. So are almost everybody under the age of 25 I know. The outdoors have turned into a thing for hobbyists.

I don't even want to start in on commecials and the effects on people being bombarded by messages like "you are nobody if you don't wear this" or "get this, it will make you feel better", etc.

In some hyper developed nations like Japan there is a longing for a simpler life without TV,PC, cars, etc. They feel their lives are inauthentic. That's part of the reason they love Anne of Green Gables so much.

I'm not saying it is the apocalypse. I just think people are in denial about the adverse effects on TV/PC. Maybe because it strikes at their modern "reality" of survivor, cop shows, chat rooms, xbox, etc. I agree that moderation is the key but can people actually regulate themselves when it comes to "innocent" pleasure. As it stands it seems many people can't. I just think it is wrong that we are dying because of obesity (arguably caused by our lifestyle of TV/PC, cars and food) and across the globe people are starving to death.

Sorry about the random nature of my post. My mind is all over the place. I'm probably not making much sense. Somewhere within the aforementioned there should be some form of argument.

PS any thought on the cultural aspect of this? We are essentially swamped in American culture. Most magazines, TV series, movies, etc that canadians watch and read are American. Have we been colonized?
I guess my signature gives away my opinion on topics within this realm.
Well I like the signature Joncor and the book to. And I thought your post had alot of true points.

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