have girls changed??

Have any of you noticed that today's young girls have been becoming more ****ty ..... and are trying to get boys to notice them in all the wrong ways????
Men seem to be putting more clothes on and women are taking them off.......

what is goin on?!
We've been sexualizing children for decades. What would you expect? The old morals and values are long gone.
I'm a 17 year old male and I hate. Everywhere you walk you see these ****ty looking girls. It's disgusting! If I were a female I would be embarrassed to be one.

Dave Chappelle said it the best in his first standup. The act were he was in the club and the girl yelled at him for taking what she wears the wrong way. He then said something about wearing a police uniform in the street and saying something like "Just because I were the uniform doesn't mean I'm an officer". That was hilarious and so true! If you don't act that way don't dress like it!
Just watched Chappelle do that on the Comedy Network this morning.Deja Vu! Some men don't realize that the way most girls dress is only a tease and generated by peer pressure and the fashion industry. It's hard to tell the hookers from ordinary schoolgirls!
Jo Canadian
Have you also seen the commercials geard towards girls 6-12 it is rather sickening! The toys make me want to Retch. Next time you're at a toy store just humor yourself to look at the Bratz or My Scene collection and tell me what you see. I would let my daughter buy that all right! But it would be so she could practice shooting them with a pellet gun.

The clothes are no better, there's a term called "prostatots" for a reason and they're multiplying. It's easier to worship money and status, and that's what these girls are encouraged to do starting from a very young and impressionable age. When these 6-12 girls reach adulthood they will face the reality of life and we'll be seeing a rash of suicides from those that can't accept it.
Jo Canadian: What you said about those dolls reminds me of a South Park episode. The one with Paris Hilton who converts the whole town into thinking that being a ***** is cool. All the girls want to be *****s and have parties with the boys.

Isn't it interesting that TV shows are making fun of how we are living the world, but yet we still do it.

missile: I heard Chappelle has a new standup out. I have to watch that still. I'll probably go to the stores and see when they'll be getting in the DVD. The Killing Them Softly DVD was awesome.
Parents just aren't doing there jobs. They dont have to buy those cloaths for their kids. If no one bought them, they wouldn't make them.
Having said that, advertising shares some of the blame. We live in a world driving by money, and corporations will sell out our kids just to make some quick cash. Rap music, the most corporate music there is, calls women bitches and whoes. I've heard 13 year old boys calling girls that and little girls dont know what it really means.
Jo Canadian
These companies also have the assistance of peer pressure in regards to their products geared towards kids. They know the code of the schoolground and that the fear of ostracisation* will make kids want what the other has, that's where the advertising is to blame.

*pardon the spelling
Reverend Blair
I saw a lot of this stuff when I was working at the photo studio. We actually had a stylist who refused to put kids in some of the clothing one day. She just said, "uh, uh."

The dolls were the worst though. Barbie, Bratz...all of those. We used to call the Bratz doll-houses ***** houses when we were setting them up.

It's so pervasive that I'm not convinced that parents can always say no. It's every toy and every piece of stylish clothing. It's in the teeny-bopper music. It's in all the ads.
Take it easy.... the kids are allright. Rap music and Barbies are not going to make little girls into prostitutes. I don't see that the situation with the older kids is as bad as you make it out to be. My daughter is only nine, so maybe we haven't got to that stage yet. I'm not going to flip out if she wants to wear a 'belly-top' in a few years, but I will put my foot down if she wants to dress inappropriately. It's up to other parents to do the same.

I think every generation asks "what's up with the kids today?". Relax.
But this is the first generation where kids dress sexually at the age of 9. Other generations, it was teenagergs. A friends little girl who is 7 has brats dolls. Her favourite one wears a mini skirt that doesn't go down past her crotch. She likes the cloaths. She's 7. THere are lines that shouldn't be crossed. And pree teens shouldn't be concerned with image.
What ever happened to kids just being kids? If you go to any mall you can find stores for young girls (La senza girls or something) and find shirts like "getting lucky in kentucky" and other sexual innuendoes. This stuff is for 8 year olds!!! Kids shouldn't be worried about what they wear. They should be out having fun.
I could scream every time I see paris hilton!!!!! I am sorry but what a useless piece of ****.!!! Its like watching a fellini movie, it is bordering on the grotesque. The worst part is the taco bell dog. Its a world where no talent, no skills, no creativity mean anything. Bah! get rid of the televisions, and go fishing.
You are the man Pea!!! Paris Hilton stands for everything wrong in this world. The funny thing is, is that I've talked to women who claim "she is so pretty"...."I wish I was like her"...etc.


I am not a man joncor but is hilton all to blame? She can have sex all over the internet, and what does it get her, more fame and a 4 million dollar perfume contract. There is no shame anymore in anything.

The Sad thing is as life progresses these people usually have miserable lives, its all based on commerce and 15 minutes of fame. To me she is the mascot of everything that is hollow and shallow in this world.
I partially blame American culture. If you are famous and your career starts going in the crapper you just do something stupid (sex videos, jail time, fake marriage). Like Martha Stewart, She is more rich now then ever since her jail time. What a joke!!!

PS When I said "Paris Hilton stands for everything wrong in this world" I meant that she is a symbol for all the rich money grubbing idiots out there who exploit people. She didn't have to work a day in her life. That is the problem (one of them) with society, people who have too much money and are worshipped for it. It isn't based on merit, it is based on birth. Like an Aristocracy. Just because she is rich she can have a stupid show that subjects our youth to nonsense. During which she tells girls in order to be successful in life you have to be an idiot tramp who has no skills but gets by because she is rich and pretty.
My daughter is 13. She's is given a fair amount of free rein on choosing her tv shows, music she want to listen too and clothes she wears.

She does not choose "****ty" clothes, or reality tv shows. My guess as to why is because I don't dress that way nor do I watch those shows. Her choice of music is Blink 182, Offspring, Green day. the stuff I listen too. And we talk alot about everything.

I believe it doesn't have so much to do with what's on the tv but what's being said in the house.
Well said Twila!I was going to to say the about the same thing about both my daughters
In a way doesn't every generation think the next is diferent? What was said in the 60's when mini skirts were in fashion?

I guess the culture of society has changed, large part to television, magazines that glamourize less is best.
That true important, it always cracked us up as teenagers when the "older generation" would lament the end of the world because of what we were wearing
Hard-Luck Henry
You're both right, of course; what goes on in the home, and the role-models there, have a significant impact on childrens' development, no doubt outweighing TV and other influences to a certain extent. Responsible guardians like yourselves and others (I consider myself one) are to be applauded.

However, advertisers do not feel the same responsibilty; there is a definite and deliberate trend in marketing - particularly in the food, and clothing and footwear markets - to target 'market aware' children at an ever younger age. Children of today are consumers at an earlier age than previous generations. The rapidly changing pace in our society regarding technology, information processing, transportation etc. makes it possible for them to experience purchasing and consumption at a much faster rate. Companies are also becoming more aware of children as important customers today, but also as brand loyal customers in the future.

I think that we all, as a society, have a wider responsibility to all children (hey Rev.: 'I believe the chidren are our future ... ). Not all parents and guardians are as enlightened or fully informed as others. However hard we try to protect our kids, marketing is becoming more pervasive than ever. We need to draw a line, or we're in danger of producing a generation of consumer monkeys.
In danger Henry ?I think were already there unfortunatly.A lot of the kids that come over to my place are walking comercials its very sad to see.
Hard-Luck Henry
Quote: Originally Posted by mrmom2

In danger Henry ?I think were already there unfortunatly.A lot of the kids that come over to my place are walking comercials its very sad to see.

Yeah, sorry mrmom; I'm English, so always tend to understatement
You should see these kids Henry I have a high school right behind my house.There unbelievable they have no respect for anything .Garbage everywhere foul language,and absolutely no respect for adults in general.Its very sad to see!
Hard-Luck Henry
It's the same the world over, mrmom - I live near a school, and see all the things you describe. I often hear the phrase "I blame it on the parents" and, to some extent, I go along with that. But there the discussion ends - without any real attempt to get to the heart of the matter. How did we get to this place, and what are we going to do about it?
Ten Packs

Have any of you noticed that today's young girls have been becoming more ****ty ..... and are trying to get boys to notice them in all the wrong ways????
Men seem to be putting more clothes on and women are taking them off.......

what is goin on?!

WHEW!!! And I was afraid I was turning into a dirty old man!
You and me both Ten :P :P
Dear Twila,

I'm glad your daughter is turning out great. But there seems to be this pervasive sexualization of younger females. Maybe it hasn't happened yet but I would bet it will happen soon. There is only so much a parent can do because we are constantly bombarded in commercials, billboards, magazines, movies, etc. Kids are being taught that if you don't look like this you are a loser, if you don't buy this you are nothing. People don't really know how this much exposure is affecting viewers.

There is also the body image factor. I have read somewhere that around 95% of white women are unhappy with their bodies. also check the latest stats on oral sex and grade niners. It is frightening.

People tend to conform (to some extent) to the cultural norm. In our case it is not looking good.

PS parents always think they know more about their kids then they actually do. (no offense, I'm not suggesting anything but it's true) think back to your childhood.
To bad they did not have my father...he still thinks he can give me the belt if I need it...bah! I can out run him now.
I posted this because im 21 and a female...I was watching tennis the other day and noticed that mens tennis shorts are much longer than they used to be............ (which i won't complain about ) Everywhere i go, all i hear about and see are ****s like "paris hilton". It is so upsetting to know that women are objectifying themselves.......didn't women at one point try not to be objects? I bet that all the ****s out there tell boys...*clears throat* and/or men....... not to call them a **** or treat them like a ****. I've seen it.... AND I've heard my guy friends talk, it is sick! Women need to get back their self respect and "hold out" instead of just "giving it up" to gain acceptance...sorry guys but i think you might agree...would you marry a ***** or a homemaker???honestly.....

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