I'm a Shiba Inu!!!

Following on from the earlier post- I'm a Mastermind' Here is another test. What breed of dog are you? It's pretty short. I was a bit disapointed to find out that I am a Shiba Inu!!

www.gone2thedogs.com/ (external - login to view)
Shiba's are wonderful dogs. Your lucky Emma.

I took this test before. Seems I'm a spaniel. Rather uninspiring.
I'm a Irish Terrier My dads spaniel was mean thing quick to bite Twila is that you? :P
bah! its always the same...jack russell :P
Evil little dogs eh? My buddys ate my cell phone a couple of years agoThat little prick would bite you soon as look at you :P
Cosmos has one, the yapper drives me nuts! but I kinda like how he chases his tail, man talk about spun out :P he spins clockwise and than counter clockwise...and than collapes in a heap with his tongue hanging out and his eyes rolling around. funniest thing I ever seen
Do you do that too then Pea!?
Rethinking your visit Emma? lol
It's worth a visit just to see it Twila!
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