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" Have you had your peapod today" (external - login to view)
My slogan:

Hope It's Twila, It's Twila, We Hope It's Twila...
Reverend Blair
Don't Just Book It, Reverend Blair It.
Reverend Blair
I typed in the name of the nearest dog.

It's That Zeke Feeling.
Vanni Fucci
The Loudest Noise Comes From The Electric Fucci.

So very true...that's why I'm proud to be one of the old steam driven Fuccis...
Hard-Luck Henry
Because Hard luck Henry Can't Drive

Wow; they've seen me drive.
A finger of Mrmom2 is just enough to give your kid a treat
And we all know what finger that is
The Walrus That Eats Like A Meal.

Ten Packs
#9 (external - login to view)

"The Ten Packs Of A New Generation."

HAH!!! Take THAT, Rev - you young whipper-snapper!
"We Build Crespo."

Pretty lame I'd say. You guys all got good ones :P. Though I reloaded it and got this one:

"There Ain't No Party Like A Crespo Party."

This one is the best:

"Australians Wouldn't Give A Crespo For Anything Else."
' This Is Not Your Father's Jdream. '
It's Andem Time!
Ten Packs
Quote: Originally Posted by JDream

' This Is Not Your Father's Jdream. '

At MY age, I don't dare go there.......
"Does You Does,or Does You Don't Take Missile?" Uncomprehensible to my undereducated mind,so I typed in my name and got this one "Nothing Acts Faster Than Brian"..That I understand
Designed for Emma, Engineered to Last.
Because Jorcon5 is Complicated Enough. did they know
Jo Canadian
My name is JO, and I.... Waitaminute, that's already been copywrited.

Hey how's about: On those cold dark winter nights, every JO Canadian will need...
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