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What I don't understand is how can one eat to healthy?

"Orthorexics exhibit an over-enthusiasm for pure eating and healthy food. In moderation, of course, this can be beneficial. In extremis, however, malnutrition, extreme weight loss and even death can result. "

If a person eats causing the above maladies, then they obviously are not eating in a healthy manner.

Perhaps another doc just trying to make a quick buck?

www.orthorexia.com/ (external - login to view)
That's very interesting. The problem is, they aren't eating healthy. How do I know?

In extremis, however, malnutrition, extreme weight loss and even death can result.

I guess that gives it away. A healthy diet doesn't kill. Now, there are diets that can prolong your life, but I don't consider those healthy diets.

I was watching a show on some educational station (I can't remember) and to open this section of their show (which was themed achieving immortality) where they adressed diets and how they can shorten or lengthen your life, they had a swim race, with three men, two very athletic looking men on either side of the man who did monitor his diet seriously. They killed him in the race. This guy, was scrawny, I would be afraid to touch him, he might break. But it is theorized he will live past 100 years.

So really, a longer life doesn't necessarily mean a healthier one. It also seemed the person who wrote this article was a vegetarian. I consider that unhealthy in itself. Meat is important, certain theories (like what the apendix was for) suggest we have always eaten meat, it's in our nature, giving that up is unnatural. And dairy, I've heard rumours that dairy products aren't good, I don't know much about that, but I do know that calcium is very good for, and dairy is the easiest way to get it.

That's my opinion on this article, and I still believe that you can't die or get sick from eating too healthy. (Unless you have alergies or you choke or something. Sucks to be you...) Make sense?
I always get a kick out of those diet and health fads. Eat carbs, don't eat carbs.... take vitamin E, vitamin E will increase your risk of heart disease... eat more fish, fish contain heavy metals... etc... ad nauseum. Just stick to a balanced diet, and everything in moderation and you don't have to pay attention to these contradictory health 'tips'
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