Fascism in this Community

I have witnessed many fascist acts since posting on these forums. My grievances are as follows:

[1] I have never posted in this forum before the last couple of weeks. Nevertheless, I have been labelled someone I'm not.

[2] I have been called a troll and an idiot for I know not what.

[3] I expressed differing opinions from others. I was called a troll.

[4] I made substantive arguments against the Kyoto Protocol in the "Kyoto" thread. My arguments were never met. I was called a troll and my comments were inappropriately edited. I am still waiting for someone to address my arguments.

Conclusion - what a fantastic community! You're fine posting here, so long as you do not disagree with the powers that be. Have a different opinion? Don't post it here! You will be called a troll.

This is a so very sad and small-minded place. I can't wait to see the flames that this post receives. Who will be the first person to call me a troll - the contest is on.

Q. What is the best way to avoid the argument of someone?

A. Don't address it. Call them a troll.


ps/ Do not lock this thread again. Are you afraid of criticism?
Vanni Fucci
Hmmm...seems some trolls just don't get it...

*wishing I had a great troll smiley to insert here*
Reverend Blair
Are you threatening us, Biggie.

I will lock any thread that I want.

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