Things you hate..............

Dr. Ricky...may I make an appointment with you for appear very wise
Rick van Opbergen
Do realize, I am not cheap, Big P., and the bill might make you depressed again. Just to warn you.
perhaps your right, a simple camping or fishing trip would be more useful and far more enlightening. Forget it...we will just party together, besides you are probally demented, and lure women into a state of some kind of ricky trance...and have your way with them, forcing them to eat large red wheels of gouda cheese. Head shrinkers there all the same :P :P
Rick van Opbergen
Once you go Gouda, you'll never ... go back ... that doesn't rhyme, does it? Hmmm.
I fell off my chair
Rick van Opbergen
Gotten up yet?
Reality TV.
I hate it I'm forced to state the obvious and then I'm told I'm sarcastic!
I don't find you that way at all twila, and I seem to be an expert at it. although I am begining to realize that to much of it is really a defect of character. So many defects, so little time :P I really hate that
I hate it when people use the word "irregardless"
Oh BOY!! There is just SO MUCH that I hate, this is good, thanks Twila

- "suffer the little children" : pedophile Priests
- freedom to Choose our servitude
- Farce, Hoax, and Hypocracy.
- Doctrines, Bibles, Constitutions that all attempt to define and regulate what we allready know as right and wrong.

Maybe HATE is not a good thing to focus on. Would it be better to find what we love, and then try to make more of it?

Sure it would, but we do have to root out whats bad , expose it to the light so it will fade. Thats what needs to happen with the Church of the Pedophile Priests and their Father Pedophile Pope, and TODAY would be a good time to start, as the memory of the dead Pope is being honoured....

Arrrrggggg, we let if go on and on...

I think you need to go for reconciliation.
I hate just about everything that is supposed to be good for me;tomatoes,garlic,etc.
I hate those punk/ blin-bling people which hang out in the back of busses and intimidate old ladies and other people (like my brother) and try to get their money.

I also hate those people who decide to race down my street; especialy when I'm trying to cross. Also, in the same catagory, are people who tailgate old women and race down my street at night when I'm trying to sleep with their souped-up engines and loud speakers making a hell of a racket.
One of the things I hate the most is when people ask me a question. I answer the question they asked but it turns out that the question they asked is not what they meant and then somehow it turns out that I'm too literal.

For those with this problem of asking the wrong question seeking a different answer please use words correctly. Say what you mean. I'm not psychic. Psycho, yes. But Not psychic!
I hate Rap music it takes zero talent to talk into a mike period!
I hate when Americans come into a Canadian forum and complain about opinions made by Canadians.
Stephen Harper

George W. Bush

People that STILL think Stephen Harper is a "nice guy".

Hypocritical religious fanatics

Hot stuffy cars (I get carsick)

Braces (I just had mine tightened and my teeth are sore)

My brother

Not necessarily in that order.
Vanni Fucci
itinerant monks...

People that STILL think Stephen Harper is a "nice guy".

Well he is coming to a bbq near you this summer or so he says to "improve his image" ha ha. Actually I would go to one just to ask him a few things.......... But he is still not a nice guy, and I would never vote for him.
I hate this smoggy humid weather that we call summer!! It is horrible and its times like this I wish the misconception about Canada being cold all year round..was true!!

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