Accoona has been launched in January 2005

This new search engine called Accoona has been launched in January 2005. That’s just a month back. Perhaps we need to give them time to improve…
Ten Packs

I'M GOIN' ON FIFTY-FOUR YEARS OLD! - and even I know that's not a Gracious Way to refer to a person....

(Lordy have some Mercy.... young'uns these days.... )
This is what I found when I googled "Accoona" and found the " " home page.


About Accoona

Accoona provides a great interactive search experience to its users. The user is more involved in determining his/her search results by being able to highlight and emphasize selected keywords.

This revolutionary Interactive Search Technology, combined with proprietary Artificial Intelligence Software that understands the meaning of words, delivers SuperTargetedTM Search results that significantly differentiate Accoona in the Search Industry.

Accoona Artificial Intelligence now takes the Search Experience to the next level by merging information from both the Web and the Accoona Business Database in real time. For the first time on an Internet Search Platform, Accoona presents business website content and its relevant business data in a complementary format.

Sounds just like another search engine to me.
ungracious way to greet a person?

Hey ten packs, i was referring to the search engine wonder what u thot.

Being an avid net enthusiast it's important to me to know which is currently the best search engine coz i search for virtually everything on the net. So was just talking about it!
Reverend Blair
You'll get used to Ten Packs' sense of humour, Nancy.

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