Do you think a blonde get better attention?

I have read studies where researchers set up
identical situations with the only significant difference being one used a blonde woman, the other a brunette. In each,the blonde got the most attention by a wide margin.
In job interviews they even sent the brunette in with a better resume/job qualifications.The blonde got
the job offer.
Do you feel so?
Probably. But I prefer my red hair now.
interesting question herr doctor, what kind of doctor would you be? I am curious as to what your speciality is?
I've read similar studies, pea, but don't ask me to find them now.....

I've often wondered... do blondes know if they're having more fun?

Attractive people like myself often get more perks in life.

This is always true.

If you could choose two people for a job, all things equal, except that one was attractive and the other butt-ugly, who would you choose? Easy choice.

Also, attractive know they are attractive and consequently have more confident personas.

Please feel free to ask me any further questions about living as an attractive person.

Ten Packs
I'm going on FIFTY-FOUR FRIGGIN' YEARS OLD! - What the Hell do I know about this ****?

Next question.

(makes my dinner sit a mite uneven, I tell's ya....)
I'm going to be 54, too.

Not for several more years, but I figure I'll get there eventually.

I asked a boy recently how old he was.

"I'll be 13 in February," he replied.

Doesn't that mean he just turned 12?

I told him I was 30 in February..... he doesn't have to know which one.
Ten Packs
Quote: Originally Posted by LadyC

I told him I was 30 in February..... he doesn't have to know which one.

Yeah, and yer probly jes' a-countin' Leap Years - I'M GOING ON FIFTY-FOUR YEARS OLD! I know an old Bittie, when I hears one....

Think ya fool this old coot, do ya? Hah!
I was born in a Leap Year, 'tis true, but 2 weeks prior to the big day.
Ten Packs
"Big Day"? WHAT big Day?

I'M GOIN' ON FIFTY-FOUR YEARS OLD! And I don't remember ANY "Big Day", since the time I actually seen Nick land one of those damn logs at a MILL, and get PAID a few bucks for it!

Nothin' but a Welfare case, if yer askin' me - same as Relic!
Oh good Lord... I must be old.

I understood the reference.
Ten Packs
Hello peapod! My specialty is Rheumatology and Muscular diseases.

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