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Saw ads last night on TLC, for a show tonight about a six-year-old Body-builder - this kid has a "six-pack stomach", enlarged Pecs, and the whole works! Pumps iron everday.
My wife and I were wondering what adverse effects this is having on his skeleton or whatever.

Not sure what time it's on, check your listings.
Weight training before puberty will stunt a kid's growth.

Looks like this kid has the male version of anorexia... or he's well on his way.
Ten Packs
Saw, when cruising our satellite's on-screen guide, that it was at 10.... thought about it, and went "nahhhh."

HEY, at least I didnt give you a "FIFTY-FOUR YEARS OLD" line on that one - hahahahaha
I have heard that extreme muscle development is detrimental to growth. The main problem is the extraordinary amount of muscle and its effect on growing bones.

As was alluded to earlier, as bones are trying to enlarge and extend, greater muscle mass stops, or at least hinders, the bones from reaching the lengths they would have had no extraordinary muscle mass existed.

I didn't allude.... I said.

And in far fewer words than you did.
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Truthfully - not a "funny" enough topic to make "FIFTY-FOUR" jokes about..... *sigh*
Truthfully - not much funny about being FIFTY-FOUR, is there?
Other than it's you and not me, of course.

Ten Packs
You'll be findin' out, Lassy - and a-sooner than ya figger, methinks.....

"Age" is a particularly mean ***** - she gets quicker with you, all the time.....
There's some kind of disease that causes over developed muscles...I wonder if this kid suffers from that and is therefore making the best of a bad situation?
that's kinda sad...I don't know anything about a disease or anything, but it was an interesting read...
I watched the show ,the kids dad was giving him the juice.Pretty sad that some *** would do that to his own son for money
I have seen pictures of this kid before and I think it is horrendous! He would have to be encouraged by the parents to do this to himself...I mean I can't imagine a 10 year old waking up and thinking 'I think I'll be a bodybuilder!' Maybe his Dad wanted to do that but couldn't??
Thats a great idea!
Think of how much free labour you could get out of them if they were built like that! You could buy a salt mine and put your kids to work.
Best part - if they tried to unionize you could ground them.
Yes this is why those who are professional gymnists are always so tiny.

wait a minute! I thought the kid was 6! Is it six or 10??
Quote: Originally Posted by Jovey

Yes this is why those who are professional gymnists are always so tiny.


Not anymore. They no longer do weight training with young gymnasts.

Besides, it's the other way around... the best gymnasts tend to be more compact.... not that gymnastics makes people small. If you go into a gym you'll see gymnasts of all shapes and sizes.
yeah...watch the Olympics...I rarely see tiny ones. Maybe short, but not skinny.
That kid's parents ought to be lined up and shot.

God knows what damage the 'roids are doing to this kid's body. Wait ten years and see...
I know...it's so horrible. But I dunno if that's the right way to kill them...or maybe I'm just too nice... *shrugs*
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