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Roger wilco... little buddy Keep up the fanatasy world.Someday you will realize the truth.
Rick van Opbergen
Actually quite funny ... this thread started to point out trolling on another site, yet like bees to honey it seems an actual troll got attracted to this thread ... "are you talkin' 'bout me? I said, ARE YOU TALKIN' 'BOUT ME?"
Quote: Originally Posted by Reverend Blair

Banned from a place I've never posted. Geeze, that hurts.

I wonder who they banned thinking it was you? Gotta admit that's funny.

We're gonna have to start selling your autograph on eBay if you get any more famous, Rev!

I read the entire thread over there. Amazing. "I used to be disgusted, now I'm just amused" fits, I believe.
Reverend Blair
I haven't read the thread, being banned and all. I was a member though, I just never posted. I even asked Connie if there was anything I could do after the recent hacking they suffered. It seemed the friendly thing to do since somebody used their site to send death threats out to their members.

They are a pretty bizarre bunch though. I imagine there'll be a new crop of trolls showing up here soon.

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