When do you draw the line?????

Where do you draw the line with friendship?? Is friendship suppose to be like torture??? My case in point. Now I have friends from my home town visiting me. This is what happens when your friends from hick town know you live in the big city now, they like to take 2 day getaways. I don't mind, I like a house full of people. But really this is to much. They have just gone to get videos for the evening, good idea...except its gonna be TRAILER PARK BOYS!!!! Than they had the nerve to ask me if I had any potato chips and coke Well its clear even after years these people never really heard a thing I ever said I could go on but I will spare you all. Perhaps I could quickly change the locks before they return :P
Hard-Luck Henry
Just talk all the way through the film, make facetious comments and stuff. Maybe you could offer them canapes, as well. They'd think you'd gone all "city" and wouldn't come back again. I googled Trailer Park Boys. It looks about as funny as being pierced through the leg by a crossbow bolt, and then looking down to find a credit card bill attached. (Seriously, though -it's your home, don't let people treat it like a hotel).
Reverend Blair
You get a free evening of Trailer Park Boys, Peapod? I'd expect you to be doing the dance of joy. I love that show.

Out of town company can be a challenge though. I remember when a friend of mine showed up here with a guy who looked like Hulk Hogan and some other guy who claimed to be the younger brother of somebody who claimed they knew me...it was no picnic.

They seemed to think I shouldn't watch baseball reruns at three in the morning. Clyde kept them in line though. She was a saint. You should get a huge and violent german shepard, Pea. There's nothing like 85 or 90 pounds of teeth to make the company compliant.
Well I was more joking than anything henry, its hard having friends that have no taste at all . Of course its just pay back for all the times I crashed at their places, who knew one day they would collect :P I think they got lost tho...big city and all Whata gonna do??? When you know people from kindergarden you are kinda stuck with them forever ....I must become zealot and change their evil eating habits...and movie choices...my lip is bleeding now...cause I had to bite down when they said "hey lets get the three eposides of trailer park boys on dvd . Next time when I go to their place I plan on renting something so bad....I will need help with that one...any suggestions????
Hard-Luck Henry
It's a karma thing, p: you'll be glad you were so hospitable once they're gone. Remnid them of an Arabic proverb: "Visit rarely and you will be more loved."

As for bad films, I haven't seen it, but I doubt it gets much worse than this. (external - login to view)
oh you want really bad. rent Terror Toons. It's the worst movie ever ever ever made!

It's terrible. It's horrible.

It's abour how the devil sends Candi and Cindi a DVD that they watch which releases Dr. Carnage and Max Assassin to kill on a murdurour rampage. (dr. carnage and max assassin are really large foam characters. Candi(who's a human) is suppose to be about 17 but looks about 27 with the fakest breasts in the world.) Again. It's soooo bad.
Should have known how bad it would be....it's by Brain Damag Films~!
Trailer Park Boys rocks.
The proper food and beverage to serve at such an event would be KFC,Rum and you'll need a lot of good reefer for after meal relaxation. Ah! What the heck! Just have lots of joints before and after[you'll think the show is fabulous]
..Well actually I remained true to myself, I could not help it, I read a book instead, the hell with bubbles. Its pouring rain here today I mean its pouring!! The one good thing about old friends is you don't have to entertain them, I also know they won't ask me to go to the malls today either, I carry a small water pistol for people who ask me to go there. :P
Hard-Luck Henry
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

..Well actually I remained true to myself, I could not help it, I read a book instead, the hell with bubbles. Its pouring rain here today I mean its pouring!! The one good thing about old friends is you don't have to entertain them, I also know they won't ask me to go to the malls today either, I carry a small water pistol for people who ask me to go there. :P

Yes, it's bucketing down here, too. I've postponed my cycle ride 'til Monday, as a friend wants to come along. Can't say I'm disappointed - I like rainy days, but it gets a bit boring when you're on a bike.
Henry does your bicycle have a basket on the end of it....I had a chuckle to myself last night..After the madness of bubbles and the trailer park boys, upon playing with the commander ( the tv remote) We settled upon a nice black and white movie, margaret rutherford, miss jane marpole. Ahoy something, a nice little murder movie. I noticed that alot of the village folk had baskets on the end of their bicycles and I wondered if hard luck henry had a basket on the end of his bicycle. :P
Hard-Luck Henry
If it amuses you to think so, peapod, it would be churlish of me to shatter the illusion.
Well henry I like those old bicycles with baskets on the end of them. I think the basket is a very good idea, much better than than towing a wagon. :P
Which brings me to a study of sanity and strangeness, a book one of my friends is reading. well I happen to glance at it this morning, guess what I am an eccentric Really I am shocked at having all the required traits for being eccentric. The first five being the most telling, and ehm...well I got em, big time. :P Ahhhhh...all it means is I do as I please. Which right about now is to make my rounds of the thrift store in search of outstanding books...oh boy you cannot believe how cheap books are at the thrift store...In fact henry this week what did I spy with my little eye for 50 cents.....A dickens biography by peter ackroyd 1,195 pages. ...who can pass up such a deal :P

"there are so few now dare to be eccentric, marks the chief danger of our time."
John stuart mill, on liberty
Hard-Luck Henry
hehe I didn't need a book to tell me that you're a little eccentric, p. Don't ever stop being - it's a good part of why we like so much . Eccentricity is a peculiarly English trait, too, you know. See: "The English are meant to be eccentric. To be removed from the centre, quirkily brave in opinion, individualistically creative in behaviour, is a proud English boast in both the republic of letters and in the parliamentary monarchy of daily governed reality. Nobody does eccentricity better.

Indeed, lesser breeds without the humour may lack the tools for this particular job. In vain do the Spanish nominate Don Quixote or the French invoke Jacques Tati. Both may be odd - but the one is too metaphysical in his anguish and the other too disturbing in his mania to qualify. For the English eccentric is a comforter. Like satire, another English specialism, the insular eccentric offers not anger but a chortle as a means of accommodating oneself to absurdity, cruelty and iniquity. And that comfort is surely one of the few egalitarian consolations in a hierarchical society. Whether a proletarian pigeon-fancier on the allotment or an Emsworth-like breeder of pigs on broad acres, the English can console themselves with the thought that they're all in on this particular thing together." (from an article in the Guardian Review)

Ackroyd is great - I've got an excellent biog of Blake by him, and also London: A Biography. He's a bit wordy, but extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable.
yes but did you pay 50 cents for it :P
Hey Missle you forgot the peperoni and jalapno chips.
Hard-Luck Henry
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

yes but did you pay 50 cents for it :P

No, I didn't pay 50 cent for mine. I'm impressed, to say the least. Who'd have thought that a platinum-selling, gun-toting, mysogynistic rap artist like him would be selling his Ackroyd books, down at the thrift store? He must be in dire straits. Next time you're there, ask him if Snoop Dogg is willing to part with that Angela Carter collection of his.

Ok, ok, I'm jealous, I admit it. Does this thrift store have a website?

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