Attributable Quotes that aren't in Bartlett

I'm always fascinated by good writers who are able to come up with quotes from attributed sources that don't show up in Bartlett's.
Wednesday, in the N.Y. Times, the following appeared in Maureen Dowd's column:
"...morality is the best of all devices for leading mankind by the nose." Nietzsche
I often wonder if there is another source or whether they have exceptional memories.
Any contributions would be gladly accepted. I'm prone to steal any good idea that isn't nailed down.
Reverend Blair
I have the book called The Cynic's Lexicon that is full of quotes like that, Wetcoast. I know there are several books of quotes on various subjects. There are also websites full of quotes.
I have Bartlett's,too,but often use The Oxford Dictionary of Thematic Quotations.No matter what the subject,there are some interesting quotes that fit the bill. I have 5 other different ones,too[Humorous,Cynical,Cassell's]
Merci, folks. I should have known the internet would provide.
Nietzsche also said "Morality is the herd instinct of the individual"[Oxford Thematic Quotations]

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