anyone here a storyteller? went to my guild meeting last night, ah, it was wonderful! to sit and have people tell the most enchanting stories. what a wonderful, simple escape. try it will defintely love it.
oh....I don't know about this one Keeping stuff from me eh Fine I won't tell you about me and hammies tuesday night way..mums the word!!! Explain how you happenstanced across this guild???
well, if you were in a rage/panic at noon, i could have had a chance to tell you, btw - we must get back into the habit of emailing first thing in the morning, then we can coordinate our days!!!

anyhoooo, this is on the list of 'stuff i want to do before i can't' list. storytellers guild meets once a month, it is just magic. i loved it to bits.... there were tons of people there and everyone is so comforting. age ranges from 8 to at least 80. i was in my glory. my feet haven't touched the ground yet!!!
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