AT work now .. arghhh

Its absolutely miserable outsided.. very very windy ...grey and raining... I guess Winter is on its in Sydney..

Anyways.. does anyone ever, whilst at work .. just like getting up saying .. I hate this bloody job.. blah blah blah ..... and walking out ..

U should see my computer screen its pathetic.. mind you I work for one of the largest Australia company, very well known and turns enormous amounts of profits.... and they can't seem to
afford some decent computer screens that are'nt scratched..arghhh

okay thats my B*tching for the day ..


mwah mwah
Me to, at work I mean...except the sun is shining. Its so nice here that I dressed like the dude today...flip flops, blue jeans peddle pushers and my hempie hawaiian I am the dude :P
Plus when I went for my lattie and jest, they all wanted my hempie shirt. Lots of shorts and sun glasses today...a little windy tho :P ouch!
I often feel like doing that- I seem to get given the work of 5 people!! I have decided now though that if my boss won't slimline my job for me that I will do it myself- no more missed lunch breaks, no more working late, no more pushing myself to get everything done...if I haven't got time- it's not getting done!!

Here endeth my winge!!

on the plus side though the weather here today is lovely- sunny, warm with a gentle breeze- hopefully it will stay like this for the bank holiday weekend!!
Heya emma :P The weather should be nice for your visit to canada...especially the west coast The sun is shining here today, I am banking friday myself :P
Hi Pea

I really hope it's nice when we are there!! That way I won't need to pack too much!! Mind you- Paul will do all the lugging LOL!!!!! Maybe I will change from completly white as a sheet to a more beige colour (if it's really sunny!!)
You are a clever women emma, making the hubby lug the bags :P Hopefully there will be nothing but sunny days for your visit. :P
hey, what's going on here....emma are visiting our fair city/country/province/island????? when can we expect this drop off?
I am coming over on the 9th April for 2 weeks...really looking forward to it. Already arranged to meet up with Pea (she has kindly offered to let us stay overnight when we are on the Island) We are staying in West Van but will come over to the Island a couple of times- once to Victoria and the other time to have a look around Ladysmith/Qualicum/Nanaimo (time permitting!!) Hopefully we can get together for a coffee/tea/drink of some kind. We are applying to emigrate so need to check out the work situation, etc.
Yes emma coffee it shall will get to meet starbuck jesters :P galaniomama can come two
Starbuck Jesters!!! Well I don't like coffee ya know- shock horror!! I'm sure I'll find something I like though. Can you get Soya milk easily over there?

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