Hey Tenpacks

Hey Tenpacks are the helicopters from operation cougar salvo driving you nuts too?There flying back and forth over my house really low and loud .I was just wondering if you were getting the same treatment out there?
Ten Packs
I was wondering WTH they were about, around a week ago. I'm already up the hill a ways, and there were TWO early in the week, straight above me - one even landed for a bit.

What is it all about? I thought it had something to do with the mountain sheep counts or whatever....

For Rev (and the rest of you Flatlanders) "Mountain Sheep" are quite prevalent around here, horned ruminants (males anyway)that are quite adept at occupying very uneven ground.

Er - What did you say?

OH! Alright, I will start at the beginning - "Uneven Ground" is when the local topography rises up and down.... aw, wait a sec. - Hmmmmm.

Nah, screw it......

Its a major military exercise going on in and around town .I hear the have ten helicopters here they have 105mm artillery pieces,Ihaven't heard them go off yet .I also heard they're using live ammo.A buddy of mine is going to find out more and i will let you no .
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