Robins and Red Wing Black birds are the true signs of spring in my neck of the woods, and two days ago I saw three Robins and heard one RWB bird.

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He wacked two clematis vines I had growing,

I did that once too, but it was an accident. I actually planted the clematis myself, so I couldn't say I didn't know it was there...
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Because I was fighting a bad toothache since the weekend, I hadnt gone out in the yard until this afternoon - Good Grief, have things taken off! The Lilies are about six inches high, the first few shoots are leafing out at the base of our favourite Rose, the Saskatoon bush is full of fuzzy "baby-pussie-willow" buds, and the brown husks are off the buds on the hydrangea - should be opening in a day or two.

BTW, I didnt mis-spell "pussie-willow" - when I typed it correctly, it came out as "baby-censored-willow" - LMAO!!!
My damn grass is green already .I'm going to have to breakout the mower this weekend
Ten Packs
My wife did last weekend.... oh, I already said that, didnt I?
Been cutting for two weeks myself. Planted potatoes and onions last night. Flowers are bloomong the "cherry" trees are all in full blossum, man I love this time of year. I feel so revitalized.
Ah yes Van City you guys are usually a few weeks ahead of us in the interior
Ten Packs
Not much for me, at least this time of year - being on a south-facing hillside makes a HUGE difference. I bet up in Aberdeen, their grass isn't even turning green yet.

Of course, in mid-summer we would cook, if it wasn't for C/A.....

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