Hey Peapod!

Rick van Opbergen
Hey Peapod, how was your day today?
ricky, i can't believe pea didn't answer you, so i will answer for her. she is soooo sloooowwww sometimes. she had a great day.

now, on to more important subjects - like - me. i had a very active day. went to a meeting, made dinner, cut the lawn, umm, oh yeah, had hot chocolate at tim hortons..........all the important things in life. went for a walk too with the dogs around the neighbourhood that is always a treat. they are having a 'barn raising' at the community garden plot on thursday, so the neighbourhood is busy getting everything ready. the barn will be about 8 feet by 8 feet i think! (i think it is to put the garden supplies and tools in when it is wet) will be fun to see the 'barn' go up, it is right behind our cool little coffee shop called 'the spiral'. you would appreciate it. very laid back and funky to the funk.
I have seen your neighbourhood garden, very nice I must say. I will have to come over to your neighbourhood and check out the funky java house. TIM HORTONS!!!! you traitor
Heya ricky :P sorry I did not see your message.
On second thought ricky I think I will tell you a few things. First off I lost my keys on friday, or that is when I realized that I could not find them. I finally figured out that they had gone in the garbage, because I remembered puting them in a plastic bag with some change, never mind why. Anyway the garbage had already been picked up. I did ransack my nest, wow I found alot of stuff I forgot I had :P
So long story short, I figured I would just forget about it, the only extra key I did not have was my car key. Now I have 2 car keys, it cost me a hundred bucks, but thats how I learn my lessons, a hundred bucks at a time :P

Hammie has informed me that I am driving starbucks jesters crazy with my board talk and board people. When I mention a thread and mention say the reverend blair, someone says "you gotta a preacher at your board????
Hammie also informs me that I now tend to rant to much about politics and religion. In other words I am driving people nuts. Hammie has kindly offered to lean over and whisper "rant" into my ear at coffee time. What are friends for :P I was not aware that I was doing this, so I am happy hammie told me. Hammie has also agreed that when she says "get what I'm saying, know what I mean" after every sentence I will lean over and whisper Sup! in her ear...other than that..nothing much new :P
god, bring out the mustard!!! i am getting so sick of hearing about 'hammie'....blah blah blah........

pea, you will notice that 'ricky' has not answered you yet..........hmmmm
Rick van Opbergen
Hey P., don't apologize for not seeing my message (although this is the perfect opportunity for me to spread some guilt :P )

You know, I never talk about this board (sorry!) in real life. Dunno why actually, 'cause I could write a book and earn a lot of money with all the crazy stories on this board

And Big P., just curious: can you make a list of people from the local Starbucks which have joined the forum? :P If I'm correct, part of that crowd are Cosmo, galianomama, hammie ... ehm ... some more (I'm really bad at names!) ... Sparky! of course ... there are more right?
Galaniomama said
god, bring out the mustard!!! i am getting so sick of hearing about 'hammie'....blah blah blah........

I like mustard on my biscuits aren't you the huffy one :P you sound a little "green" but its St. paddy day :P

Wow ricky are you writing a book or something :P Well actually none of the starbucks full time jesters come here. I tried to talk them into it..but they got better things to do :P Hammie and sparky are only part-time jesters. I am a full time one, that is to say I go for the jest and the java every day

The full time jesters are men and me . There is Angus, born in the country of my ancestors, Scotland He is somewhat of a sage and he is 79. He was a some kind of engineer and travelled the world. He spent many years in chile, and was there during peniche, and he has nothing nice to say about him He is a true socialist. He is usually protesting or picketting somewhere. Police seem to know who he is ...You can hear him say more often than not "You don't know what your talking about"
Another jester is some kind of water scienctist, or something, he has explained to me many times, I still don't get it. But hes lots of fun..and oh boy very tidy!!!! I once went to his place to look at his record collection and he asked to put on gloves and wear funny white slippers a little obbessive-compuslive

There is bobcat rob...just a regular guy who loves bobcats :P thats what he does, drives his bobcats around all day. I also run into him alot at the thrift store, he is looking at tools, and I am looking at books. He also buys his wife's valentine days present at the thrift store. He was buying some strange stuff, so I asked him what it was for and he told me it was for the mrs. on valentine's day :P hahahahhaha he makes me laugh alot..he is just bobcat rob.

Than there is banker billy, a bank manager, usually this kind would not be welcome at our table, but ehm...this one is alright :P Plus we have so much fodder we can use on him, being a banker and all :P
Than there is Mr. stock ticker, thats all he does is buy and sell stock and sits on his *** all day. (he spys on me here, so I know he will read this :P :P :P
Than there is Earl the pearl, a landscaper. A few other that drift in and out. And ehm all the employees are jesters with us..

Oh yes I forgot Aupook king of the midgets..you met him..he was here for awhile...this time of year nobody sees much of him. He is a antique hunter and heads out in the spring looking for his pot of gold.

Now I know they spy on me here, because they say things sometimes they give them away...ehm like last sunday, I come around the corner and they are all sitting there, and one says "hey oxy moron

Now the grocery store jesters are another whole group. Merryclaire is a grocery store jester :P Anything else?????
Rick van Opbergen
wow what a list! First of all, I'm not writing a book, but it could be a good idea ... I could call it "Peapod's Quest" or "The Never-ever-ending Forum" :P Angus looks like a really fun guy, does he also wear a kilt? Oh, and Aupook was the one I forgot. There should be more people on here from your Starbucks though. Ricky says so, and Ricky has to be obeyed :P So you know what you have to do, private Big P.!
Well I could try and talk those giggly university girls that work at starbucks to pay you a visit. Yes the most interesting one is angus :P Still not bad looking either, I can understand why his wife is still jealous of anyone that talks to him
Well I just had my daily java and jest, next time ricky a certain person is in starbucks with their laptop and wireless crap, the girls will send you some messages. :P

Side note: :P The old jester angus was there, just back from a archanist meeting Seriously :P I asked him what you need to join such a group, he told me the right resume :P And he has the right resume I did ask him a few things about his time in chile, oh boy!! he was lucky to get out alive, as in the end he betrayed himself by trying to help the communists. Hahahahhaha the guy has lead an exciting life.
*Hey earl! where you going? you didn't finish your coffee??* *I don't like politics...I am gonna go and work on my tan some more*
Heya Whats cookin'?
Dinner...smoking hot chicken wings and some green stuff. :P
Rick van Opbergen
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

Well I could try and talk those giggly university girls that work at starbucks to pay you a visit. Yes the most interesting one is angus :P Still not bad looking either, I can understand why his wife is still jealous of anyone that talks to him

Giggly university girls ... But ehm, Big P., do I sense a certain secret crush here :P I wonder what Cosmo and galianomama can tell us about that ...
Rick van Opbergen

Angus? :P
Hey Peapod where did you find those seed tapes you were talking about?
ehm... sorrry ricky angus is tiny like a leprechaun :P Mom, just about any nursery that carries seeds will have seed tape, just ask the clerk. You cannot get it for all vegetables, but quite a few.
Vanni Fucci
Hey Pea, I don't know when it happened, but it looks like I'm an Übergod now...funny thing is, I don't feel any different at all...

...but I think, in light of my recent deification, that there's going to be some changes around here...with people paying me the proper respect by prostrating themselves before my glory...I like the idea of possibly introducing some mandatory Vanni adoration threads with some frequent and sincere homage paying...

...so some people on this board just better mind their P's and Q's, because I'm a wrathful Übergod, and I'm just itching to punish the unbelievers and apostates...
Rick van Opbergen
Bring it on, Vanni :P
My vicki is cuter than your victorious :P
Vanni Fucci
Cute monkeys will not avail you...my wrath is legion...
pfffft..you think you are the only one that can flip their biscuit :P
the wrath of peapod...ehm think wrath of khan Besides I grew up with nasty brothers...I know exactly how to bring you down
Some disciple eh??
Vanni Fucci
You certainly know how to keep your Messiah on his toes, Pea...
Well I guess I did get a bit carried away, messiah eh? I dunno about that, I will have to ponder. First are you going to be serving any purple kool-aid? How much money is this going to cost me? this following you?? Are you gonna tell me the world is flat, when I know its round :P
Vanni Fucci
Not purple kool-aid, Pea...purple Jesus...

...and I find your inquiry about the personal costs of following my doctrine to be very conservative-like...

...and no I won't try to convince you that the world is flat...everyone knows it's a mobius strip, Pea...
Vanni Fucci
You know Pea, upon reflection, I think this being a Messiah is too much hassle...

I wouldn't want anyone to actually act upon the nonsense that I spew forth...people could get hurt that way...

So, I think I'd like to rescind my status as Übergod, because it doesn't really fit well with my way of doing things...

Thanks, but no thanks...
Ahhh..that good vanni, just be one of the common people.
Also a really good "historical" novel about newfoundland is called "waiting for time" by beatrice morgan. Here is a review, I have the book but have not read it yet, but I have heard nothing but good things about it.

"The sequel to Random Passage — and winner of the 1995 Canadian Author's Association Award. The book continues the saga of the inhabitants of Cape Random. It also tells the story of today's Newfoundland — a place where the past overshadows the present and shapes the future."
Vanni Fucci
Sounds cool, Pea...you may make a Newfie of me yet... :P
Rick van Opbergen
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

My vicki is cuter than your victorious :P

Excuse me?! :P I had to put crush barriers in front of my house to stop his fans from cuddling him to death, the poor little guy

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