Personal Memory Bank

what's in yours?

mine is a small box that one of my children hand wrote across when they were just learning to write. inside is a robin egg shell in a beautiful blue and a squirrel tail. both of these items i hold dear to me, something that i have had since i was young and my life was simple. i also have a doll that i got on a boat trip when i was five. wonderful plastic, hand painted where the clothes should be. every once in awhile, when i need to 'reconnect' with myself, i will bring these items out and look, hold and smile!
mine has way more goodies than yours I got report cards from grade school, I got my first fishing lures, I got all the letters those bull****ers" (no names please) wrote me over the years :P and my lucky brass elephant
Mine is quite large. Has all the best things in it too.

My daughters first pair of sneakers. Baby reeboks. Remember the kind that you "pumped' up? These have the button but they don't "pump" up. They squeeck!

Little pictures my daughter had drawn. I kept 1 from each faze. I especially like when she started drawing teeth on people.

My daughters report cards. Some paper she made. Her first christmas cards.

Her first little sleeper (reads Future Flames Fan)

Little sun dress she loved. Bits of wrapping paper I loved. Picture of every pet we've had. and some we didn't. For some reason we ended up with a bunch of butt pictures. It's a tradition now. Have to have a rear end view of everything.....

Assortmental little things. Oh. And a rock. I just loved the shape. Kept it. Don't really know why.

It's still growing (the box. Not the rock). Hence the Big Wood Box. Which was also specially made by somebody (can't remember who) Lid's cracked. Hinge is gone. Has crayon scribbles on it.
oh twila that is so beautiful! very kewl. i kept some runners that use to be in a cupboard on my mom's deck . i grew up on waterfront, and when mom sold the house a couple of years ago, that was the only thing i wanted as a memory. the runners in the cupboard. don't have a clue who they belonged to, they are very old, but bring back just a ton of memories spent on the beach and in the water. sigh.
My memory box is just a shoe box. Everything that is in there has a great memory. I'm almost movie onto my second.
hey stokes that's great. i think it is so neat when you open the box and view your 'items' and all these memories come flooding back. good, bad, whatever, they are all there. more importantly, they are only your memories.

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