Where is best website for ording NB shoes on the Internet?

Where is best website for ordering NB shoes on the Internet?

My wife and I only buy New Balance 810s, a walking shoe. We are not runners but we prefer these shoes for their support. I usually buy from a small shop in Halifax but in this day and age, there should be we hope a reliable Internet site where we can buy New Balance 810s at a reasonable price. Any advice or suggestions in this matter is greatly appreciated.
Reverend Blair
Buy locally, that's my advice. Small, privately owned businesses are the heart of your community and if they aren't supported you end up with a heartless community.

I want to know more about these shoes though. Do they come with steel toes? Do they stain quickly so they lose that goofy flourescent newness. Are they made in factories where the workers are well-treated? Will they keep the dirt out when I'm rototilling? Will they stay together when I get them wet? Will they melt when I'm sitting around the fire?

I don't buy a lot of shoes because I can never seem to find shoes that match my needs. Mrs. Rev will not walk into a shoe store with me because she feels she's done nothing to deserve that kind of punishment. I can't say she's wrong....
just curious rev, what kinda shoes do you wear?
Reverend Blair
I've got some pretty decent work shoes right now...kind of dressy-casual. I wear those almost every day 'cause they're comfy and have a steel toe. I've got a completely worn out pair of steel-toed runners. I've got some cheap canvas runners that give me blisters. I've got a pair of work boots. I've got a pair of cowboy boots.

The steel toed runners won't last the summer though and it's them I need to replace. I need a pair of rototillin' shoes.
cowboy boots..no no no no no :P ehm..do you have flip flops rev?
Reverend Blair
I grew up in Saskatchewan...I must own at least one pair of cowboy boots at all times, Peapod. Some kind of weird thing they make you sign in blood in grade one.

I have broken four of my ten toes, two of them twice. I no longer wear shoes without toes and prefer that those toes be made of steel. I also prefer that my shoes have steel shanks because I have stepped on a nail hard enough that I had to stand on the board with one foot and wiggle the one with nail in back and forth to get it off the nail.

I am a strong believer in protective footwear.
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