What I want to know is why are men so stinky??
Reverend Blair
From rubbing up against women.
not stinky like a smell....just stinky in general
Are you drinking beer pooh??
lol, is that a nice question to ask a nice girl?
Well I know lots of nice girls that drink beer, epecially ones that work in MY grocery store :P ....ehm so who and what has ticked you off???
men! they're stinky and i'm starting to believe they can't even help it. it is part of their evolutionary make up.
i'm surprised darwin didn't write a thesis on it.
Reverend Blair
Men are just like women, MerryClaire...twisted and wrong.
That smell your smelling is testosterone.

It's also what inspires them to think they are the toughest of the tough. Makes them believe they are bullet and knife proof.

Estergen is like kryptonite to them though........
Dexter Sinister
I surmise, merryclaire, that something unpleasant involving a man or men has recently happened to you or some woman or women you care about. Care to share the details of what generated your opinion? For instance, is it in fact a particular man who's been behaving stinkily, or have you really decided, as your OP suggests, that all of us are stinky? I feel an urge to rise to the defense of men, being what I consider to be a decent and non-stinky one myself, but it's hard to answer your original question with so little information about what you're really on about.

Whatever it is, I'm glad to see it hasn't entirely poisoned your mind. You call yourself merry, after all.

lolll you guys are too funny! I think all men can be stinky at some point in their lives. Like my boyfriend Ben. Sometimes, he stinks, but I adore him the same.
I think men are mostly upset that they were the prototype and we are the perfected version of Human!! LOL!!!
Perhaps women are God's second mistake
No...we were definitely the perfected version!! Ask any woman!
Hannah Cowley in 1779 wrote "What is woman? Only one of nature's agreeable blunders" Sounds like the writer was female and sort of the same mind set as myself.
That was a bloke who was upset because he had a girls name.
There was a guy named Sue that had even bigger problems
That's a great name for a lawyer,isn't it?
I suspect it's a good name for most Americans- they seem to like Sue quite a bit!!
It's a bit like cowboy names,Tex from Texas is fine-but if you're a cowboy from Louisiana named louise..well,then there are troubles. But, back to stinky men..yes,we stink!We just don't have the compulsive urge to keep every part of our bodies as clean as women do or use as many deodorants and cleansers.
men are stinky!
but not their body odor
just their character
Reverend Blair
I sense that you have been mistreated, Merryclaire.
Here's hoping he didn't leave the toilet seat up and she fell into that cold water! Guys: it's Woman's Day today. Please lower the seat for your mate.
Rick van Opbergen
Neh, men aren't stinky, women should appreciate us more :P
We really appreciate you little ricky...but ehm...victorious comes first sorry :P
Rick van Opbergen
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

We really appreciate you little ricky...but ehm...victorious comes first sorry :P

First Henry, now Victorius... Oy!
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