What would you do ... ?

What would you do if you won the ten million dollar lottery? Keep working? Quit working? Share with others? Buy off annoying relatives? Buy an island and hide from the world? I'd be most likely to do the latter.
Reverend Blair
I'd buy some beer. I'd definitely pick up some smokes. That's just on my to collect my winnings though.

I think I'd likely buy some shiny new Nikons and head off to Africa and South America for a while. I'd definitely do a full tour of Canada. I'd buy some antique (40's and 50's vintage) farm equipment. Guess I'd need a hobby farm to keep it on. Since I'd have the hobby farm I might as well get a couple of llamas.

That's about it.
Hmmm...already have the beer. I might hoist a few. Dance around here with Edge for a whiile. Then phone some friends and family. Charter a plane and pilot and take them all on a trip. Maybe a cruise of the south Pacific. Gotta go with the Rev on a new camera, an Nikon and a Blad.
I would buy every one of the old Western comics I've always wanted.
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