neighbourhood rugrat

The neighbourhood rugrat is always asking me questions I cannot answer :P So from now on instead of having to spend time looking for the answer....I am gonna ask them here...This is his latest question???

How come if a beam of light is shining on the ground, it will move on the ground as you move your head and body??
Reverend Blair
Perspective. Things are seen differently from different angles.
rugrat and peapod language rev...he is a kid..I need to explain it simple like...could you hurry we are going fishing in a hour :P
Reverend Blair
Because you are seeing a different part of the beam of light.
Well I will try that..but somehow I know its not treky enough for him :P I will put a peapod spin on it :P
Change the subject and ask him what his favorite toy is. Haha.
Reverend Blair
Someplace, and I don't have it, is a book on photographic lighting called "Ambience" . It's about 300 pages of mostly diagrams and photographs. I'm sure it would keep the kid entertained for hours.

How come if a beam of light is shining on the ground, it will move on the ground as you move your head and body??

When I was about 8yrs oldest my sister ( 8 yrs older) was taking a philosphy class. I was fortunate (?) enough to be the practice board for her. They were discussing the reality of the inanimate. She told me that things only existed while in your line of sight. This was fantastic to me. I'd run around corners as fast as my little 8yr old legs would take me to see if I could 'catch' things appearing.

Tell the little rugrat that the light beam doesn't want to disappear from excistence so it's following his line of sight.
Well thanks for all the suggests,but ehm...I should have explained better, anything under sixteen is a rugrat to me :P ...but ehm..he is 11 so he is really a mini dude :P no, he is looking for some scientific explantion, as would any mini dude :P And dude he is with his little fishing vest and sunglasses...the mini dude is very cool If I was 10 again I would beat the crap out of him, just to show him how much I liked him :P :P

I on the other hand like twila's defination, I actually managed to catch a few twila, but they are locked up in a box. and ladyc sent me one along the same lines... and rev I am not buying that book, it sounds way to expensive :P
Vanni Fucci
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

How come if a beam of light is shining on the ground, it will move on the ground as you move your head and body??

Ask him an equally crazy question, like:

If you were to accellerate a car in a vacuum to 100 km per hour, and flipped on the high-beams, would C=C+100 kph?

...because if that's so then C is not a constant, and Einstein's theory of general relativity goes down the crapper...
well I don't want to give mini dude a headache :P I gotta live in this neighbourhood.
As I have found with my little rugrats, the simpler the better, but always with a sci-fi twist because it gets the imaginations going. Sometimes I will admit I don't know but offer off-the-wall explanations and we get so distracted and off-subject that is doesn't matter anymore.

The question begs an answer so I will try that the beam is merely refracted light and not a true single beam so it is always moving depending on the light source, refracting with each move.
Hammie you need to come fishing with me :P

keep it simple, stupid :P
:P Fishing with you while you are in withdraw from cigs..........hmm...........out in the bush......hmmm....alone......with nobody to rescue me....hmmmm.....k...only if we can go as a group ok
come into my parlor said the spider to the fly...I don't fish in groups hammie...thats not fishing...that's ehm...annoying and its for drunks :P
ok well as long as I drive so I have a mode of escape........if needed. You are really started to freak me out
I am so freaked out I can't even spell right!!!
Well as long as you don't talk...we will be fine
Chances are I won't get a word in edgewise.............
true enough...ehm can you swim hammie :P
Oh yes....I could even rescue you, if I wanted to.
Well I would not need any rescuing hammie and please no guns allowed when we are fishing, I have seen all those antlers over at your place terrible
I would never bring a gun fishing - why that would be illegal. And those antlers belonged to some meat I needed for the freezer. I fish for pleasure and for food, I hunted once for meat. I mostly enjoy the great outdoors, unarmed.
alrighty than...right now hammie I am trying to read the vanni thread, its important...go talk to twila..shes great....I will be over to see you in a hour or so...don't bug me now I am reading...thanks. :P
I hear you like fly fishing the you can hardly keep up to the ones you catch with that open trap...............hee hee hee
that was good..I am impressed...did it take long to think up?? And you better have your own fishing gear to Your a tall drink of water...but I can take ya
I have my own gear for sure. Thanks and I am always thinking of retorts for you, my short drink of Buckley's (hard to take, but good for you)
thats it!!!! you asked for it....I am coming over...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! prepare to die!!!!!!!
:P Bring it on.......
Besides I just finished baking a batch of cookies, so I will put the coffee on.

PS - for those just joining this program.....Peapod and Hammie are friends and diss each other strictly for public amusement.

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