Favorite snack food

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Do you folks know the Imperial brand Cold Pack cheddar? Comes in a red and black plastic tub? It's SO sharp, it nearly makes you pucker.

Well, get a stack of soda crackers, butter, peanut butter and the cheese. Just a smidge of butter, a knife-tip of peanut butter, and a small chunk of the cheese about the size of your finger-nail.

Carb Heaven!

In fact, excuse me - I'm gonna go get some right now....

Hi all...just joined the forum. I've got to agree with Ten Packs; there's nothing quite like a little Imperial on some toasted rye...with Marmite, of course
Reverend Blair
I love that cheese. It's good in omellete too...the flavour really comes through.
Well ehm...I am eating a bucket of brushchetta, ya :P right out of the bucket.. with a box of rice crackers...yum yum :P

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