Heya LadyC

Nice to see my partner back
Hey pea...
I've been kinda busy over at "Free"Dominion the last few days. Made a couple of friends, made a couple of enemies, seem to be on the verge of gettin' the boot.

You know... same ol' same ol'.

What's new with you?
Hey Rev...notice anything we are both green :P
Reverend Blair
It's not easy being green...of course I never noticed for 9 hours.
Ah...so thats where you been ladyC. Get out of there....you will be drawn in to the dark side...enough already....you get your *** back here to cc.
Rick van Opbergen
Aha, so Big P. is a moderator now ... Do you think you can handle all the responsibilities which you will be faced with now?
ehm....like what? nobody said anything about responsibility I just wanted a key to the executive washroom :P I am just helping the wizard out while he bakes in the sun.
Rick van Opbergen
What if the site crashes? What if some lunatic comes to the site and starts to insult us in every possible way? What if an evil monkey hijacks your username? :P Are you prepared? (Just trying to scare you, is it working?)
No not really, I don't have the code for the red telephone :P Andem will be coming online anyway....or lurking :P I am just looking out for spammers....and I would never let anyone attack victorious's father....or relative...whatever
Rick van Opbergen
Je ne comprend pas ... am I a relative of Victorius?

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