Weiner dog races

well, here's one for you folks, personnally, i love it! never get tired of watching those little mutts!

www.weinerdograces.com (external - login to view)
ehm...thats weird I was just talking about weiners over in the lounge. Hey why don't you get one...you can use another one...you can call it vienna :P
well, i thought the long nose and the short legs kinda reminded me of you.......peapea was my thought
peapea...ehm...well go ahead and try it...that otta get my pea a boiling in the bag ehm...just thinking.....have you seen your gum boots lately....* looks up and around and whistles*
Rick van Opbergen
It's seems I'm looking nice today.
what the hell did you do to my gummies NOW???? i have had it with you, that's it....i am going out and buying those hot pink gummies i saw down at capital iron. they were awesome. if you're good, i'll buy you a pair too that will look really good when we go out 'foresting' through the parks with our shovels and lists. he he he.

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