Chinese seems to be very unwelcomed on the internet.

Its unfair that on the internet that the chinese are the most hated and dispised ethnic group. Its too bad that many people, including Canadians seems to ignore the fact that China is much more complex. Anyone who thinks that the history of china begins and ends with the CCP is completley wrong. And criticisms on the net too often turns into racism very quickly.

Secondly, chinese immigrants do not necessarily immigrate because they have a hidden political agenda. It is a very wrong and highly racist stereotypical urban legend. Overseas chinese only want to survive and work for a better living. Too many anti-immigrant people are often racist neo-nazis and forget the fact that canada and america originally belonged to non-aryan natives. I don't understand why neo-nazis like the KKK insists that the americas belong to whites only when it is clear that the americas where forcefully taken by european colonists.

Stubborn Canucks like Andem here seems to disagree that racism still exists in Canada and asians seems to get the most of it. Hate crimes against asian minorities have risen after september 11th.
Its too bad Mr.Canuck (Andem) here doesn't realize that the anti-china bashing is much much worse and much more in quantity than anti-canada bashing.

The CCP sure made a lot of enemies just like the USA, but what people must understand is that what the government of china does is never the best interest of its own people. It was only after things like the tinammen square and alot of foreign pressure that the government decides to change.

I would like a clear explanation as to why a majority of internet's politcal forums are so racist against chinese?? Why do people believe that immigration is a politcally motivated invasion??
Reverend Blair
It's all Ukrainian to me.
Lumberjack to me...but since I do live on the west coast, I agree that at least throughout BC's history the chinese were treated very badly along with the native population.
I think we have tried to make the chinese welcome here gerry. Wintersnow and billwu and few others seem to get on fine around here.
Of course there is racism in canada...please we are just more polite about it. But it keeps changing and things change, and the more educated you become the more you see. The best way is to have a few chinese friends. Most are excellent gardeners so how could you not respect them.
Hey gerry you write some funny stuff, why don't forget about the chip on your shoulder and have some laughs with us. Why not tell us your story, how did you come to the land of the igloo?
I don't know about anybody here who goes around constantly bashing any one group except for you. You are always bashing Canada and yet you're complaining about someone bashing your group.

Well, don't come here and complain because nobody on this site is involved in that. Additionally, you can't call me anti-chinese because my best friend is infact from Hong-Kong.
I had no idea. Course I wouldn't hang out in a forum or read articles proclaiming superiority over others based on something as mundane as skin pigmentation.
Where exactly did this thread come from... I haven't noticed more Chinese bashing then say American bashing... i guess there is a little more of it then say Norway bashing but hey, China is a big place with lots of people, a big army and lots of economic clout. They did invade Tibet and there is that whole Taiwan thing, but what ever. Anyhow I don't have any problem with Chinese people coming to CA, in fact they seem like pretty nice people. I am living with one right now and hes a cool guy, good cook and has some interesting insights into Chinese politics. As long as our new Chinese masters are hard working, hard drinking hockey watchers and 649 players i welcome them with open arms. The whole communist dictatorship thing is getting old though and I wish they would get some better labor laws
Paranoid Dot Calm
Hey! Giraldi_Theirrey

If there is such a thing as reincarnation ..... I wanna come back as a Chinese person.

That is where the future lies.
For the next 150 years China is gonna rule the world.

Then ..... it's Canada's turn.

... And we shall bring glory to the overmind with our invincible iceberg aircraft carriers
greeting to everyone,

HI ,this thread arrested me here and i have something to say, but it seems i have to shorten my comment. I am not sure whether the internet forums have so much hatred towards Chinese or China. The only thing is that i know the more you learn of China and its people, the more you will like it and would be willing to live this land for years to experience something that is far from approachable for you before.

As you must know that to generalize a nation is unwise. I do believe the outside views on China exactly proves China's new approach to the world. China economy booms, so do its culture and other industries. I care less of the political world comment here and there. I only concern what the ordinary citizens feel.

I can assure you of that those immigrants in Canada from China. There are quite a lot of them are rich people in China, but very few of them have a REAL contribution to this country or has a REAL capability to make so much money. If corrupted officials flee to Canada, what can they do for Canada? That is what i concern. On the other hand, i have seen quite a lot youths back from Canada, they just spent their parents savings and their golden times in Canada for years and when they come back to China, i found they seem to learn nothing there except the so called western life styles....these Chinese migrants in Canada would undoubtly ruin China's repuation and smear the great country's image there, a pity!!!

well, as to the internet hatred, i will have to go around and gather some ideas next time.

warm regards,
from China

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