Gnomes recovered

This is from our local newspaper. I mention it because I think galaniomama had something to do with this.

From the saanich newspaper.

Stolen gnomes mysteriously return two years later.......

Marjorie Fenwick's kidnapped gnomes really do love her. Two years ago, all five of her cherished gnomes were missing overnight from the front yard of her saanich home. Now, mysteriously a couple of days before christmas, four of the foot high goblins were back, a year after the fifth member of the team also returned home, though it came back with a painted bullet hole in the middle of its head.

Both times, the kidnapped goblins were placed behind the back tires of the fenwicks vehicle in the driveway. The four stragglers, however returned unchanged.

During the ordeal, the thief kept fenwick informed about where her gnomes were. Although there's never been an explaination for the painted bullet hole, the goblin team has been on a holiday.

There was even a note the day the gnomes went missing. "They will be happier elsewhere" said the unsigned note.

Than a month later, fenwick and her husband wayne got some photographs in the mail. pictures of the goblins sitting on the upper steps of a BC ferry, as well as photos of the goblins atop a motorcycle beside a manning park sign. There was even pictures of the kidnapped gnomes standing beside a gopher hole.

Before the photographs even arrived, she had run classified advertisements in the News groups papers asking that the gnomes, which she had built and painted 37 years earlier be returned.

Several people called from across the island, people who awoke one morning to find strange gnomes stolen from other homes, planted in their front yard. She and wayne checked out each call.
None of the goblins were their missing crew.

"I'd like to thank (the person) who took my gnomes on a holiday she said recalling that her gnomes went missing about the same time all over northn america and the united kingdom also took mysterious holidays.

The goblin theft craze got so big that ontario provincial police in huntsville ontario warned residents to lock up their gnomes. A year earlier more than 100 of the diminutive lawn ornaments taken by college pranksters, were found around the hydro plant in town.

The garden goblins were stolen over the summer before turning up at the plant. Police said the gnomes were stationed all throughout the plant. They sat them in hydro trucks to look like they were driving. No suspects were ever found.

Now I have seen strange gnomes over at galaniomamas place. In the closet, in the basement, why are they not in the front yard? I think the caped one is stealthing out at night stealing goblins.
The Aliens did this. From their vantage spot in Outer Space, the gnomes looked just like little humans. It was a natural mistake,I have a relative who could easily pass for a gnome.
We all got relatives that could pass for gnomes. I had my cousin in the garden for months before I realized he was kin. He smoked some of that bc bud, and just sat there in the garden for months. But I think gonda blow has something to do with all this. The gnomes are coming....beware.
Now that I think about it-the Aliens wouldn't have been able to do a decent **** probe on those gnomes.Little Tom,on the other hand, would just love one.
Shadowy group suspected in mass gnome discovery

A mushroom picker has stumbled on 101 gnomes gathered in the middle of a pine forest in France.

They were arranged in a circle, some on tree stumps, in woods in Podensac, south of Bordeaux.

It's believed the gnomes have been stolen from gardens.

Suspicion has fallen on the shadowy Front for the Liberation of Gnomes, which has carried out several mass gnome thefts in recent years.

The organisation often dumps 'liberated' gnomes in one group and contact police, who then have to try to trace their owners.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the Podensac gnomes.

The newspaper Sud Ouest reports the local police chief has appealed for anyone who has lost a gnome to come and identify them.

He has asked for people to bring photographs to back up their claims if possible.

The Front for the Liberation of Gnomes says it's campaigning against the enslavement of gnomes.

Now I have seen strange gnomes over at galaniomamas place. In the closet, in the basement

nah, that's just mom!

seriously though, i have been on the sticky hand side of gnome gnapping years ago, but i haven't been that involved for quite sometime. they weigh too much now, middle age has set in, and their little tummies are larger. therefore, they put my back out picking up. bastards. they also have started to talk too much. and complain. bastards. nah, i don't indulge in gnome gnapping too much. only when one strikes my fancy for a night-time fling. well, time for my nap now, nighty night.
ehm...your ma does look like a gnome come to think of it :P a fiesty one to. I know for a fact that you are involved in the underworld of gnome knapping. I have seen you many times driving around the neighbourhood late at night with your cape flying behind you in your jeep. The strange thing is all the cement passengers you have ya thats right, being the neighbourhood sentinel I know what goes on around here.
hey.......what the ??????? how did you know about my alter-ego life after eight pm???? who let you into the cookie jar. of course i have a few 'friends' in my back yard, but i have a purpose to use them for various building projects. to put the corner foundations on our new gazebo, i just needed another couple and then it wouldn't be at such a tilt, at least i thought it was tilting. anyways, the gnomes helped out by lending a 'helping hand' so to speak. so they are cemented in, no one will really miss them.

what about in your back yard???? all those gnomes on the inside looking out......who can believe it. they sit in their chairs looking in at the gnomes while the gnomes are looking out. hmmm, i think there is a message in there somewhere......
I only have one gnome in my backyard, and he was there before I came. I hate him! he is tacky and I don't like his colours. I keep throwing him over the fence into the next yard, hoping he will be kidnapped. No such luck, he always re-appears sitting on the fence. I think its you caped wonder you are trying to mess with my head. Besides I made a very nice decorative door and frame at the foot of a big fir tree. Any gnomes that come around go straight on threw to china.

Besides I made a very nice decorative door and frame at the foot of a big fir tree.

i thought that led through to salt spring. hmmm, i'll have to try that door again. obviously, i took a wrong turn at the turnip truck!! seems to me, the last time i went through that door i was with you pea, if i recall.......
Hey everybody...Let's all send Peapod a gnome...I'm sure they will grow on her eventually.
Thanks Zen, nice thought, but I already have a gnome who I mentioned above ^^. He does alot of sailing over the fence, but he always manages to return in the upright postion on the fence. :P I will have to make contact with the gnome liberation front in order to get rid of him. Hey maybe I should send him to you and edgewater :P

Cookie jar...wt????? your cookie jar is always empty because you eat all the cookies...its disquisting the way you pick up the cookie jar and shake all the cookie crumbs into the big open mouth of gross and distrubing to. You really are a cookie monster.

its disquisting the way you pick up the cookie jar and shake all the cookie crumbs into the big open mouth of gross and distrubing to. You really are a cookie monster.

a wee bit nasty this morning pea. yeah, so i am a cookie monster. at least he has blue hair and says what he thinks.

what that has to do with anything is beyond me. but now that the new year has started, you will note - ta da - no more cookies. i am officially dieting. yes, that is my new years resolution. oops, i think i am suppose to start a new thread before i say that. don't want the board police on my ***.
Well there are not enough board police here to cover your *** :P ( gave me that one) All I have to do is show you "one bunnypants cookie and you will be drooling and snapping.

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