My Best Christmas Ever

Reverend Blair
I don't think you've got a shot here, Mog...

Congrats, HockeyBabe. At least I think congrats are in might feel differently.
You can't win if you don't try Rev.

Congratulations HockeyBabe. I wish you the best marriage with big wedding, huge farm, 17 kids, 800 cows, 137 pigs, and a lot of chickens,
wow...that's very odd...maybe I didn't make this clear...we are going to be living in the city of Montré many farm animals do you see a day there? (that aren't dead in your freezer) lol ok well thanks everyone for your wonderful wish....sure Rev, congrats is just fine...
On a serious note. I meant my congratulations
Reverend Blair
800 cows? I wouldn't want to be there during calving. That's what nightmares are made of.
Quote: Originally Posted by moghrabi

On a serious note. I meant my congratulations

I was just messing with you

good one Rev..
Reverend Blair
I'm not really joking, HockeyBabe. If you've ever been around during calving you really do have nightmares about 800 cows giving birth all at once. That's the nicest thing about dairy spread their breeding out so there's always milk.
I have seen it during calving season. It is really a nightmare. This what I wish for my worst enemy.

HockeyBabe. It is nice to tease me. I feel younger already. Not that I am old.
ok. nice avatar Mog...haha I'm just teasing you, it's sucks!!! hey, I'm just teasing you again!! am I a dork or what? and how old are you anyway? if you're one of those losers who don't like to say it aloud, you can pm me lol
Do you think guys who don't give their age are losers? hey I'm just teasing you!!!! Not very nice to say, but forgiven!!! I'm just teasing you again!! Lol

I am as young as you want me to be. Definitely younger than your dad and older than all your brothers. Would that give you a hint. If you really want to know, PM me.
Rick van Opbergen
What if she got brothers of the age of 40? (IT CAN HAPPEN!)
Well, she still looks cute at age 20.
Rick van Opbergen
But what about you?
I am more handsome than ever. LOL
Rick van Opbergen
That's not what I mean Haha! You said "I am as young as you want me to be. Definitely younger than your dad and older than all your brothers." After that I said: "What if she got brothers of the age of 40?" ... Now I'm explaining it (although my feeling says you already understood what I meant), there's no more fun about it ....
So how was everyones new years eve?
Rick van Opbergen
We ended up with watching South Park the entire night. That's all I want to say about it.
Well mine very different from years past, I actually went out this time :P It started off strange to begin with, a friend came over first thing in the morning, they had a bottle of bailey irish cream, somehow, maybe I was still asleep they convienced me that it was just like chocolate milk and had no ill effects. Well it does have ill effects, its been so long I forgot about them. After snoozing for most of day I had no choice but to stay up most of the night.
First I went to a stabucks employee many latties, but lots of hoots When I saw aupook crying in the corner I made my exist. I ended up at the party of the neighbourhood scotsman. There were bagpipes and men in kilts. And again very good hoots. Galaniomama showed up, and I kept wondering why she kept dropping things on the floor???? it was clear that it was intentional!!!!! like she would drop her swizzel stick on the floor and get right down there on the floor to pick it up???? Finally I figured it out...she was trying to look up the kilts...what a crafty hoe she is :P In the wee hours of the morning we left singing

I love a lassie, a bonnie hie lan’ lassie

If you saw her you would fancy her as well

I met her in September

Popped the question in November

So I’ll soon be havin’ her a’ to maself
Rick van Opbergen
You fell for the "it's-just-chocolate-milk" joke Big P.? You weren't drunk were you?
I fell in love and I proposed. But I haven't seen her since that night.
Rick van Opbergen
Drunk either?
like she would drop her swizzel stick on the floor and get right down there on the floor to pick it up???? [quote]

dah.....took you long enough to figure out.  nah, you went for the much more subtle rendition......sneak up behind one and 'snag him'.  so to speak.  like you were reeling in that 20 lb salmon or a 'ling cod'.  ha ha.  all you could do all night was tell big fish stories, with arms flailing, drinks flowing and hogging the hoots.  my god woman, control yourself, i asked you time and time again.  but no, on with the story (mind you, only the one's who looked 'promising' and enjoyed a good story).  once you had lulled them into complacency with your fishing triumphs - there!  you would strike - through the rear guard up the drafty areas and have a wonderful glint in your eye as you brought them along side.  disgusting.  i haven't seen you with such a handful for weeks.

so yes, maybe i did drop a few 'sizzle sticks' it was much more subtle........besides,  this way i could give you the go ahead with your antics. :wink: 

Are you at work or what???? why are you writing in code??? and why is it so big??? are you visiting gonda blow on her home planet???? Drinks sloshing.....was your department...someone had to stay sober to watch over the scots :P With you down on all fours, panting....ehm...god what a sight And...oh yes...when you ask someone if you can squeeze their bagpipe...they assume you mean the musical instrument kind I will say one thing for yea...yea got nerve...even if its from a bottle...(handy excuse) I hope you realize you will never be arsed again to Paddy Mcdonald's are a disgrace to your clan and kin folk...psst...cannot wait to tell your mom the stuff you did....unless you got 20 bucks for me to keep my mouth shut

when you ask someone if you can squeeze their bagpipe...they assume you mean the musical instrument kind

well, at least i had the decency to ask first!!

unlike my sidekick, who just went around 'grabbing'. god, you would have thought we were shopping for lichees.

well, needless to say, i am not surprised to hear that i will not be attending anymore new year bashes with you, my god, my head is still pounding and i am barely making it through this day.....

we need to play for a robbie burns day bash at the end of the month. who is making the haggis this year? speaking of which, where is haggis???
If you are not making it through today than you got your parties mixed years was last week...remember?????? And one more more babysitting...its like looking after the kid from hell...its nerve are to full grown to toss in a room with a banana and lock the year party in your own neighbourhood.....but you won't ever find a better party than Paddy Mcdonalds :P

but you won't ever find a better party than Paddy Mcdonalds

ehm......what about the one that gonda blow had late last summer, hmmm? although we swore on a stack of bibles never to discuss it, it was a 'humdinger' if i do recall. something about that salt spring air i think.
ehm...da......salt air alright...more like a salty know the drink :P Twila please don't ask us any more questions, look ^^^^^
there at the mess we created
well, it was a good new years party. and we really must plan a robbie burns party. we should have one here at the board.
Alright. I think I may now know more about you two then anybody should! You island people are strange

We had a very nice New Years party. Not as much.....grabbing around here as there.

Spent the better part of the evening trying to teach slang to an Isreali and learn a few good Hebrew words in return.

Much discussion on which weapons are better....the ouzi...or the AK47. From our friends' perspective the ouzi was more fun. Less work. course she's only 5' tall in heels. She has, however, learned a fair amount of dirty words from us.
Now twila you understand us, because you yourself was an islander once. Your party sounds like it was real interesting...

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