Learning Dutch

Rick van Opbergen
I sorta "discussed" (said two sentences) this with sj007 what-is-it, two days ago? How about I'll teach ya'll some Dutch? Just present me sentences, words etc. to be translated, and I'm your man If you really have a serious interest in learning Dutch, PM me.
So you seriously want 007 to learn dutch Do you think holland can handle the secret agent
Rick van Opbergen
We can handle softdrugs, prostitution, euthanasia and gay marriage ... we can handle him big time!
I am betting that this time you dutch have met your match :P don't tempt 007.
Rick van Opbergen
I just called our Queen, and I she said - and I quote: "Kom maar op!" ("Bring it on!")
Oh no those are the words that 007 lives to hear. Why just yesterday he asked me what I thought would happen if all the wheels of gouda suddenly disappeared from holland.
Rick van Opbergen
Oh please, our WMD (Wheels of Mass Destruction) are unfindable ... they're even harder to find than the Iraqi WMD, and have they found those weapons yet?
No I don't think they have found them yet ricky, but than again they did not ask 007 to find them either. It would be much easier to find red wheels of mass desruction, I know for a fact that 007 has some kind of radar in those wooden shoes he keeps I saw him and Q messing with the other day. I heard him mention something about red wheels for his hot wheels
Rick van Opbergen
Not impressed. We Dutchmen are strong and tall, we take down Bond in a second ... Realize that we Dutchies rule the world ... Bush follows our orders, just like Putin, Martin, Koizumi and Berlusconi and all those others ... Why do you think our Queen has the nickname "Black Widow" broahahahaha!!!
Ben je gek geworden... lol
Rick van Opbergen
Ach, mag ik niet effekes een bietje overdrijven?
Get yea over to your own gouda cheese thread enough of this
broahahahaha!!! :P
Paranoid Dot Calm
Hey! Rick van Opbergen

My twin is into holy-rolly stuff. For years, has studied lectures by some Dutch guy named Vander Brink (or whatever).
He is always looking for a good translation program. Would you have any recommendations?

He used to publish a Christian newsletter and lived with some Dutch people here in Canada. (Listowell, Ontario.)
Anyways; one day, these people invited me to supper. They asked my twin what my favorite meal was and he told them spaghetti.
Do you know that they even put apple sauce in the spaghetti?
Pretty tense, eh?

Rick van Opbergen
Hey Paranoid, no I can't recommend a good translation program, I'm sorry, I do use one but that one is not available on the Internet to my knowledge. I'm really sorry.

About the apple sauce, I'll tell you a secret: we do the same back here, only we put it on the macaroni I don't, but a lot of Dutch are just addicted to apple sauce, or "appelmoes". It's always on the table (OK, not always but a lot of times it is), whether we are eating macaroni or fries. Do you Canadians use a lot of apple sauce?

And peapod: this is a sort of semi-Dutch thread. I mean, this is a thread to learn Dutch, so you can't avoid people from speaking Dutch. But why hasn't anyone asked to translate something in Dutch yet?
Leer je ook kut woorden? *g*

Rick, heb je misschien MSN of ICQ?
Dan kunnen wij wel een beetje in het Nederlands praten en ik kond nog iets leren van jou!?!
Mijn Nederlands is niet goed, maar ik kond een beetje oevenen...

Rick van Opbergen
"Kut woorden" what are they teaching you during Dutch classes?

Ik zou graag mijn MSN willen geven, maar zoals ik ook al tegen een andere user hier heb gezegd (sj007), ik ben echt zeer zelden op MSN dus ik kan niet garanderen dat ik er erg vaak ben. Ik hoop trouwens dat je dit begrijpt, maar je Nederlands is denk ik wel goed genoeg hé?

Ik stuur je wel een PM.

see ing as my name is mentiond several times in this thread i say i better join no ne way dont worry about ur WMD Q already found them so let tha lesson begin
Hoeveel "Whiz" zit er in een bus "Cheese Whiz"? Ik zeg "Whiz", want dat oranje spul is ZEKER geen kaas! Op donderdagochtend, leerden we de waarheid. Ik zette de zoutjes neer om te kaasificeren voor het grote feest over een maand of twee. Ik hou er ervan om dingen van te voren klaar te hebben. Ik gebruikte "Nabisco EZ Cheese" in plaats van "Cheese Whiz" omdat het beter smaakt. Helaas zorgt het drijfgas in de bus niet echt voor een spuiteffect, maar loopt het er traag uit...rustig wachten dus.
Er lag maar een klein bergje kaasvoedsel toen we klaar waren. Het acht ounce (ongeveer 240 gram) wegende busje bevatte ongeveer een kopje smurrie, wat trouwens 22,4 centiliter (8 vloeibare ounces) is. Een busje bevat genoeg decoratieve slinger voor ongeveer 9 crackers.
Het was bijna lunchtijd, dus ik genoot van een paar kleine hapjes voordat ik deze foto's naar de computer overzette. Ik kon het niet helpen om er stiekem een te nemen voor het feest
Waarschuwing: Draag altijd een veiligheidsbril als je spuitbusvoedsel hanteert. Spuit nooit in de buurt van vuur of vlammen
u 2 aww why cant i learn
Rick van Opbergen
You didn't know peapod speaks Dutch sj007?
nope remeber i might have alot o post but ive only been here like 3 weeks
Rick van Opbergen
OK I'll start with some basics, although nobody seems to be interested

Now, there are two important verbs that are essential in well, all languages: to be and to have. These two are translated as (te) zijn and (te) hebben.

But first this: how to translate things like I, you, he, she, we, they? A list:

(English) (Dutch)
I = Ik
You (singular) = Jij
He = Hij
She = Zij
We = Wij
You (plural) = Jullie
They = Zij

Well, that ain't too complicated, eh?

Now, the verbs zijn and hebben. Warning: they are irregular! See whether you understand it.

I am = Ik ben
You are (singular) = Jij bent
He is = Hij is (well, that ain't very hard, eh?)
She is = Zij is
We are = Wij zijn
You are (plural) = Jullie zijn
They are = Zij zijn

Nou the other one:

I have = Ik heb
You have (singular) = Jij hebt
He has = Hij heeft
She has = Zij heeft
We have = Wij hebben
You have (plural) = Jullie hebben
They have = Zij hebben

Ok, this was lesson 01
I will try my best to translate the pronunciation, too. Let me know if it's wrong Rick.

I = Ik Ick
You (singular) = Jij Yee
He = Hij Hee
She = Zij Zee
We = Wij Vee
You (plural) = Jullie Yuelee
They = Zij Zee
Thats nice Andem Umm but just with the Zij.. Its not like.. zee.. But you're close..
Wij is more like Weej yeh, Its very hard to pronounce..
Rick van Opbergen
Wij is more like ... Wai ... jeez it's hard to write down a pronunciation ...
Agreed!!!! Zij is like Zai
gee.. Its almost like its Chinese..
Rick van Opbergen
Haha yeah ...
its a shame english got rith thou and thee
Rick van Opbergen
Why's that?
Yeh, Why?

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