Learning Dutch

To make it easier for us non-native English speakers to learn *hehe*

Unlike Dutch, where you need to learn
jij, jullie and U
--> the U tends to get lost, too, right?! It's nearly vanished in Scandinavian languages already.

In German, all three forms are still used for addressing:
du (you, sg.), ihr (you, pl.) and Sie (polite you, sg and pl).

In old literature and films setting around the middle ages, also "Ihr" (you, pl.) is used instead of Sie (polite you, sg, pl) to be the polite form of addressing, also for a single person. "Er/sie" (he/she) can be found in addition as a pronoun for addressing people in older language.
For the Majestatis Pluralis, "Wir" (we) is used instead of ich (I).
cuz they are the u pl. and formal sing. & plur.
Rick van Opbergen
Pemmican: I do have to say that "U" is used less and less, but I'm not sure whether it will disappear. Like "Sie", it's a "polite you".
not in french
Rick van Opbergen
what im lost now
Rick van Opbergen
What's not in French?
the formal u cuz its also the pl. u
Rick van Opbergen
Aha, I see. Well same goes for English, eh?
no there is no plural u
just wondering
how would you say..
"i would never lie to you.. you are..."
thank you
A friend of mine recently went on a visit to her boyfriend in Holland. When we were talking on the phonem after she's spent about two months there, I asked her - you must be beginning to speak Dutch by now? And she replied - are you kidding? It took me about a month just to learn to pronounce his friends' names!

Dutch is a lot like German, only it's more difficult, isn't it?
a lot more difficult to pronounce but i can read dutch as well as i can german.
Dexter Sinister
Quote: Originally Posted by heavydan77View Post

just wondering how would you say.. "i would never lie to you.. you are..."
thank you

I don't think you're going to get an answer from Rick van Opbergen, he hasn't posted here for about two years. I have a multilingual friend in Rotterdam though, I'll ask him via email and get back to you.

I'm curious about why you'd want to know that though. My experience suggests that people who feel a need to say "I would never lie to you..." in any language, have already lied to you and are about to do it again.

Quote: Originally Posted by hermanntrude

...i can read dutch as well as i can german.

Me too. Also Portugese, Italian, Hungarian, Sanskrit, Mandarin, Russian... i.e. not at all.
lol i don't claim anything like fluency but I can get around by reading the signs and generally understand the gist of some simple stuff, which is more than i can do with french or italian or spanish
Dexter Sinister
Quote: Originally Posted by heavydan77View Post

"i would never lie to you.. you are..."

According to my Dutch friend:

""Ik zal nooit tegen je liegen, omdat ..."
thank you for the help with the tralanstion.
The reason i asked was not because i am lieing or even have lied but because the dutch person i was saying it too doesnt belive shes good looking and i was trying to explain in her home language.
thanks again
I've spent a fair amount of time in Holland and barely had a chance to use the half dozen little Dutch phrases I had learned because everyone spoke English. Nothing turns off my efforts to speak another language faster than having the person you are talking to demonstrate that he is at least as proficient in English as you are.

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