hey cosmo mama.......the pea is picking on me. what's got her pea's boiled?
peas in a bag boiling, your mind takes you to strange places :P its made me hungry. My peas are not boiling, I am skipping and jumping you just can't see it.
Hey Galianomomma ... I think it's just your turn for the pea to pick on ya.

I will email you the pix of your girls and your puppies. I need your email addy tho ... my computer ate my entire contact list.

Gotta go cook pork chops. Yummy.
no problemoo, i can't wait to see the pic of my ol' angie dog. i might use it for my xmas cards this year. thanks girl, i'll send you my email addie and phone number, then we can talk in private about you-know-who.

do u have a harley ?
peapod sent me
I'm a "used to be" 007 ... I had a Harley. Even got my picture in Easy Rider (one of the few women with their tops on in there!) Now I drive a Ford pickup

You a Harley rider?
You to lesbo.... Starbucks party, you already got your invitation...bring a gift for a child...come at 6... my place. later gater
just getting up sleepy head :P You missed a good party :P
hey cosmo u love kids right
polly said so
Hello cosmos, how is it hanging James here. I remember the other night with great fondness. I am still waiting for you to finish using the bathroom.
cosmo im bored HELP
cosmo come post im realy bored here
Are my eyes playing tricks on me! Its not possible! You are actually up at this time of day! ehm...your avatar scares me :P
Be afraid ... be verrrry afraid! She bites like an SOB when I take the jammies off.

Yes, I am up early ... the wood man arrived and I am just taking a little break from stacking logs to see what everyone on CC is doing. You're a lumberjack, Pod! Where the hell are ya when it's time to stack the lumber??

Actually, I have one more round and I'll have it done.
Rick van Opbergen
Who's the dog Cosmo? Is it yours?
ehm..yes ricky that is her dog. (PS... he is on crack) Ricky I love your avatar.
ehm..yes ricky that is her dog. (PS... he is on crack) Ricky where is victorious? what have you done with him How could you just kick him to the curb like that I want him, send him to me please, I will look after him.
Rick van Opbergen
OK, that was weird ... I'm looking for a new avatar at the moment Big P. ... Victorius needs a holiday ... and no, that is not a secret code meaning "Victorius is dead" :P ... Maybe I was influenced by a thread here ... saying that people look like their avatar ... I dunno know.

And what's with "Cosmo's dog is on crack"?
Yup, Ricky, that is my fur kid. The one who made me realize that Peapod is EXACTLY like a human Jack Russell ... you oughta see them dance together.

We just moved to the Island and my JR is freezing her little Russell butt off so I got her some jammies. She also has a nice coat for outside, but I'm still looking on eBay for more doggie fashions. Pity she can't walk on heels ... don't you think 4 little stiletto slippers would look perfect with those jammies?
Peapod thinks my dog is a bit hyper. Ok, I admit it's true ... but let me say again, she's the canine version of Peapod.

And Pod ... the dog is SHE. No hangy parts in this residence.
Rick van Opbergen
Ehm I dunno Cosmo ... I'm not really into doggy fashion ... any fashion ... So this is the Jack Russell who looks like peapod, eh? Interesting! I already read some things about that, about the Big P. dancing with her ...
No, Ricky ... they don't look alike (Peapod has green eyes!). They ACT alike. Both remind me of miniature hurricanes. It makes me tired just watching either of them! Peapod doesn't chase her tail, granted, but they both move at the same speed with the same non-stop Ever-Ready Bunny kind of energy.
Rick van Opbergen
Sorry, I meant act ... hey English is not my mothertongue OK ... I do have to say (with all respect of course) that the Big P. is a bit ... hyper ... at least, that's the impression I get here haha ... By the way, what's your dogs name Cosmo?
Wow Ricky ... for English not being your first language, you certainly have mastered it. I guess I should have realized from your location that it wasn't but you'd sure never know it from your posts. How many languages do you speak?

My dog's name is Moche (pronounced moe-chay). We were watching TLC one night, long before Moche was even born, and saw a program on the Moche people. My chick and I turned to each other and said at the same time, "That's our dog's name!" And so it was.

The Moche are very interesting. Here's some info:
The Moche inhabited a series of river valleys along the arid coastal plain of northern Peru from about A.D. 100 to 800. Through farming and fishing, they supported a dense population and highly stratified society that constructed irrigation canals, pyramids, palaces, and temples. Although they had no writing system, the Moche left a vivid artistic record of their activities in beautiful ceramic vessels, elaborately woven textiles, colorful murals, and wondrous objects of gold, silver, and copper.

They were also very blood-thirsty, with the whole human sacrifice and skinning people alive and whatnot. The name suits our dog ... she's smart as anything, but does have a hint of the Moche aggression!

Anyway, probably way more information than you wanted. And yes, Peapod fits the name as well.
Rick van Opbergen
Well I speak Dutch ... and I'm pretty good in English I guess But it's just so easy for a Dutchman to learn English, so don't think I'm some kind of language wonder whatever (hmmm does sound arrogant eh?)

wow, that's an interesting way to come up with a dog's name! Interesting to read about the Moche people - hadn't heard about them before. But ehm is your dog really as blood-thirsty as the Moche tended to be? Does she skin people alive?

And Cosmo, information is only too much when you're not interested in the information presented to you. So don't worry about the amount of information you give! (that means I'm interested in what you tell )

Peapod in Dutch is "erwtendop". Ehm how did peapod came up with her name?
Not arrogant at all, Ricky. I'm not so sure about it being easy to learn English since it's tough to learn Dutch! Can't get my mouth around some of the sounds.

Well, Moche is too little to entirely skin people alive, but she's certainly taken her share off my hands! She just does it a little at a time.

I have no idea how erwtendop came up with her name. We must ask her!
Rick van Opbergen
You do have to realize that when we turn on the TV, we hear English; when we listen to the radio, we hear English; when we surf the Internet, we encounter English; etc etc. We are getting "Englishised"

Yeah, lets ask Erwtendop how she came up with her name! I'll send her a PM.
Hey Ricky ... Ask erwtendop if I'm allowed to post a pic of her and my JR to the forum album!
#29 you are not, but you can send them to ricky privately :P
Ricky I came by peapod this way, I was doing my peas in the garden, I came in and was on the computer looking for a canadian forum. I found this one, the peas were still fresh in my mind, in fact I was chewing a peapod at the time...hence the name Peapod. :P
Rick van Opbergen
Interesting, Peapod ... You know, I always find it hard to pick nicknames ... I just dunno any original ones ... I once was in a chatroom and I used the word "stoel" - which is Dutch for "chair" .... I'm not happy with this name either ... If I could choose again, I would go for Goudaboy Bananaman :P

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