ehm...well you could go by any name ricky, everybody would still love yea :P
Rick van Opbergen
You think?
I do, think actually, some would disagree, but I got the xrays to prove there is something between my ears :P
Rick van Opbergen
Sorry, didn't mean it that way ...
ehm...well I know that ricky...ehm.. shirley you know by now I am the board jester :P
Rick van Opbergen
I know ... Shirley you know I(Rick)'m just teasing you (Big.P/The Pea/Peapod/Miss Moneypenny) so once in a while :P
Hey cosmos....ANSWER the phone!!!!!!
Hello???? Helloo??? We seem to have just had a conversation ... unless my coffee and meds haven't kicked in yet and it's all part of some bizarre dream ...

When I haven't been fighting with my Ford, I've been sleeping the past week. It's been wonderful. Out of bed long enough to stuff some toast and chocolate into my system, whiz, grab a coffee and crawl back in. I figure I'm heading back to work soon so am taking full advantage of laziness.

On the up side, I just got wireless internet so as soon as I install it I'll be able to haul my laptop into bed with me and keep updated on what you bunch of reprobates are up to between naps.
Oh this is exciting news...about the wireless remote I mean...the sleeping is old news :P Now you can come to starbucks and all those giggly university girls that work there can post messages to ricky :P ...honest ricky they are really nice and fun...and cute...and I must say very WISE....they think peapod is way cool Course I always bring them a bouquet of flowers every now and than, just to let them know they are special :P and it allows me to try out their new machine..oh boy...I love making a puff of steam on it....than there is samurai, one of my favorites. I call him this because he does his hair just like a samurai. Just for work tho, he studies enviromental issues at the university...although I think his speciality is funny cigarettes. :P ...but he is always happy and mellow with his customers, always wearing a big grin ricky, always a grin and a giggle. In fact yesterday I was in the line up getting my lattie and samurai was working the till. He says...hey, supppp, pea. Not much, you samurai? The lady ahead of me started laughing her head off...she said you know he does look exactly like a samurai.

Back to wireless...I shall order cosmos to come and have a starbucks today with said laptop and wireless...I will pick her up if need be....gotta get those love notes to victorious...oops I mean ricky
Rick van Opbergen
:P Yeah, where are the love notes, Big P.? Between you and me: are the university girls nice, fun and cute because they are really nice, fun and cute, or just because they think you are cool? :P
Yes to all of the above ricky....seperate they are quite normal...together is a giggle fest...worst they keep trying to con me into messing around with my hair. Yes they all get together and have a chop and dye fest and they want to experiment on me. Well that is not going to happen, I can see their hair and I am not going there. :P I got hair like a beaver pelt. Thats right I was at the head of the gene pool when it comes to hair. Everybody wants to get their hands on my hair. Well its not going to be purple or orange...and its not going to be spikes either. I already carry a lethal weapon in my pocket.
Rick van Opbergen
Imagine you wake up some day and your hair is ... purple. I would love to see your face when you discover that! I don't understand what it is with women and dying their hair really.
Women....ehm..well the men do it do ricky....they seem to like blonde streaks alot. the worst is cosmos...gez the women has different colored hair every week. like a rainbow :P

Me I just look in the mirror and If I don't like what I see I get the wack wack and prune. It all grows back by the next week...I am somewhat like rapunzel that way...the stuff just grows overnight :P

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