hey how do u become an admin
rather stupid question seeing as i have no hope of becoming one
Pm him, he might be looking for a apprentice. Have you got a wizard cloak?
Rick van Opbergen
How do you even become an advisor?
It goes by how many posts you have ricky, each time you reach a certain number your postion on the food chain changes. :P
Rick van Opbergen
Well I mean as advisor as in: look at sj007 (he's advisor)
LOL.. It's not like a job you apply for, you are appointed as an advisor An admin, well, that's a weird question. But you don't become an admin, you are born one ;p
You heard the donald...he is not taking on any apprentices right now..back off find another wizard
Rick van Opbergen
Than why haven't I been appointed yet Andem?
It's a supply/demand thing to be honest. The most helpful and active people are always chosen when the community has grown to a certain level where we need more moderators. You're helpful, friendly and active, we just don't have a need for more moderators at the moment, that's all.

(BTW: Asking for priveledges such as this isn't a good idea )

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