Evening sj007

little dude yea need your own thread, yea are to quick for pea. Are you going from thread to thread in yea hot wheels :P
wish i could but my moomy says i have to get off maybe on fryday?
Yea better listen to mommy, I will catch up to yea on fryday. :P later hot wheels.
How yea today little dude :P Did you arrive in yea hot wheels :P
yea i sneek em to school i g2g soon or ill be late for class
Rick van Opbergen
Go to school? How late is it in Montreal? It's already evening here, like 19:45 ...
Yea better hurry little dude, race them wheels off to school. Catch you on fryday.
it was about 1:46 when i wort that rick
little french dude you are a jack russell just like me. :P yea can zip around pretty quick, lickity split. I like that in yea little french dude
i would like to clear up that im english but that i live in quebec and my mind is between both languages
Well that pretty cool you can morph between the two. :P
i suppose no ones on the french any more
Rick van Opbergen
A serious question now: is there are clear line between the English-speaking Quebecois and the French-speaking Quebecois? Like English speakers don't really have that much contact with the other Quebecois, and vice versa?
it realy depends rick it realy does

i fryday i can be on all night
007 may I be so bold as you ask you how old you are :P
well as in describe my self
well im 15 in a private french school im an open water diver im sparatic and i dont have enough english friends around here and i like rock, metal, electronica, otherz xept rap and hip jop to a certain extent i guess thats it
Reverend Blair
Ah, I remember being 15. Sex and drugs and rock and roll are very good indeed. Of course we listened to bands besides the Blockheads too.
i listen to wierd things so i dont need drugs
go kraftwerk !!!!!
and queen
Reverend Blair
Ummm...we had Kraftwerk and Queen when I was a lad. We didn't need drugs either. There were some laying around though and we didn't want them to get into the wrong hands...what choice did we have?
yea i luv vinyls they so kool
i play me dads old collection
007 it sounds like you miss being around english people. Do you like going to a private french school? Are you happy there? How long have you been going to a private school? Sorry about the long text dude. :P
Rick van Opbergen
Look out sj007, peapod is up to something broahahaha
eh? I am just curious ricky thats all be cool dude, don't make any waves
Rick van Opbergen
I'm just teasing peapod
This is where my post *group hug* is suppose to be. I posted it in "morning ricky" so ignore the group hug over in morning ricky, it belongs here......follow :P

*group hug*
Rick van Opbergen
Group hug? We're the only two here :P
eh i enjoy this forum 2 so its 3 rick
long tex for me is text that is longer than my signature that isnt broken down
Do you like going to a private french school?
yea its kool xept for french class we do get gym 5/6 so its good
Are you happy there?
yea i guess so i have couple o english rebels w/ me
How long have you been going to a private school?
lets see 4 years since sec one or grade 7
Queen is a excellent band brings bad memories of good times
eh i dont get it its 10 45 i just woke up

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