i know that rick u already told me
boo noone any were dong anyposts in the cafe boo
i think im at 3% of the post 2day yea im happy
no one playin and im in school
Rick van Opbergen
Hey sj007, how are you doing today? You're in school, eh? And you are visiting Hey, I thought school was for studying, eh?
no no school is for indoctraning the ones that cant think for them self
only 13 more post to be equal w/ american voice
hey you should change your name to canadianvoice :P well yea are not around so I am leaving soon. We can meet up later at the playground.
Rick van Opbergen
Playground Big. P? Is that a code name for "our heavily guarded Secret Headquarters in London" eh?
no its a little place where we flesh out conspiracy theories
BTW how do i change my name?
im suprised this hasent been mouved seeing as its almost a blog
Rick van Opbergen
Aha. Conspiracy theories. Got that.

I don't know how you can change your name, you could sent a PM to Andem.
yea brobably i donno
im equal w/ DS now
nice avatar rick
why is no one participating
Rick van Opbergen
You like it? I'm having an avatar-crisis at the moment - don't know what my avatar should be. This one is not for ever.
nothing is buddy xept death n taxes
u whant me 2 find u a good many one or sommin
darn it look like in every where
How is this for weird, I was strolling through the park, when I espied a group of miscreants, if that is not enough, do you need more. Well much to my chargin, in the midst of these footpads and ner-do-wells (skateboarders you know) but who should arise from the mist, in the midst, but a vartiable urban flower, our little miss sunshine, peapod. And I knew immediately she would win her wings for christmas.
i see but if u read this thread ull see that the wierdness here is me posting to myself
well atleast ppl are playing now
joyus im almost up to 60 posts per day again
i just need 9 post for 2 day can some one help me
gee im just like 330 post behind the rev and the ones above me are frequent poster so it ill be even harder o well i ll get there some how
Reverend Blair
I'm sure you'll catch up 007.
Rick van Opbergen
With sj007's speed he will reach the 10,000 before New Year
now lets not exagerate to much rick
wow im bored again at least i got my 60 posts
Reverend Blair
It's important to have goals in life 007. Glad to see you've got one.
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