Hi Peapod

Hello my midnight muse!! I have returned
Oh you nasty boy you just want my avatar.
Nuh-uh! He does not.
Calvin rocks!
haha, gonna steal the other one! AAAAHHHHH
Well this present avatar will kick your *** off that skateboard if you try and steal my Ahhhhhhhhh
Prommyyyyyyyy!! You're back!
JD you are back , both you and prommy....Excellent
no.. just postin sometimes.. Just cause I missed Prommy :P
Rick van Opbergen
What's with this Prometheus guy?
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha he is your biggest competition on the board ricky
Prommy is one of my friends I met like... 2 years ago? He's been my administrator on an IRC server.
Prommy has been my friend since I came to the boards. We are both nature lovers. I have seen pictures of where he lives and he has seen pictures of where I live. We are going to hike some of the Applichian Trail together in March.
Rick van Opbergen
Ya :P Come along with if you like :P
Rick van Opbergen
Haha when I have the money!
Me tooooooo!!!!
Rick You'll pay for me right?
Prommy I see you how are you this morning, if I can't say hi to ricky first thing in the morning it might as well be you. :P
good morning Peapod I'm doing very well for being at work on Thanksgiving Day (USA). I have a little time to explore the boards and see who is around this morning. First cup of coffee went down smoothly, second cup should have me in just a bit lol.

Glad to see that if Ricky isn't around, I'll do in a pinch hahaha
even if ricky was here, I would still be saying hey to you. Happy thanksgiving. Eat lots of pumpkin Pie, its my favorite...I could eat the whole pie, but I hold back...fat ***, pumpkin pie, fat ***, pumkin pie...its hard to decide...
go with the pumpkin pie! no question. A fat *** can be forgiven easier than a missed pumpkin pie. As long as you can still fit in the kayak then all is good
ha ha you have to know my family, I cannot eat the whole pumpkin pie, they are like the snickering dog from the cartoon, we look for fat on each other so we can snicker and lift our eyebrows....and you do not want to snickered at, by peapod's pod, they are a nasty little pod, not whale size but nasty now the less :P
well, since I have barely enough backside to even hold my jeans up, I will eat a pie for you!!
Rick van Opbergen
Pay for you too JDream? Hey, I'm just a poor student, you don't want me to steal right? :P
If you're a poor student you need to study harder.
Rick van Opbergen
Or work more :P
Rick van Opbergen
Oh wait when I posted that one I understood what you meant haha ... curse the English language! :P
Your English is better that a lot of native speakers I know.

And I think all the stuff on the "Dutch" threads is just made up. No way are those real words.
One day you will be rich ricky when you are finished with your studies and become a world leader, than we can call you richy rick. Than you can come and visit us, bring gouda wheels. :P
Rick van Opbergen
Hey, those Dutch words are for real OK , although some of it is sort of Dutch slang, but hey, I'm 18, I'm allowed to use slang ... OK peapod, if you say so ... It's nice to know I'm gonna be a world leader one day. I'll make you prime minister peapod, OK?
titles and crowns are not for me Ricky, but I could be your secret advisor. I could be the party planner...my favorite thing to do. I will plan a blow out for when you take over. And I will invite Lllamas to. :P

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