Peapod's New Avatar

Rick van Opbergen
Have you all seen peapod's new avatar? Nice one peapod
Thanks Ricky :P I got a whole stash of them, its hard to decide what to choose next :P I like this little dude cause we both got the same moves
Rick van Opbergen
I knew you had something to do with the Matrix ... I knew it! Victorius is just totally ... flabbergasted ...
Victorius is upset, oh no!!!! I cannot have that, I am smitten with the little monkey. What does he want, would he like me to change it? Please assure victorius, I would never use these moves on him, in fact anyone who tried to steal his banana's I will send mini me, my avatar in to stop them. Anything little victorius need you just whistle, or send smoke signals.
Rick van Opbergen
OK I'll keep that in mind.
no its for "Victorius" to keep in mind.
Rick van Opbergen
you know, I just put him to bed, he needs some serious sleep broahahaha ...
oh he must be adorable when he is sleeping could you send a picture? Please sing this little song to him

There's a monkey
Sittin' in my family tree
Up near the top
Where everyone can see
And people keep sayin'
How he looks like me
So ask him politely,
"Dear Mr Monkey,
Could you please come down
From the family tree"

There's a monkey
Sittin' in my family tree
Pickin' off leaves
Quite studiously
And no matter how polite I am
He keeps ignoring me
So I ask Uncle Joe
On the branch below
Could you please throw the monkey
From the family tree

There's a monkey
Sittin' in my family tree
Clinging to his branch
Quite obstinately
And what he did to Uncle Joe
Has really angered me
So I've got a rock
In my old slingshot
And I'm going to knock that monkey
From the family tree

There's a monkey
Sittin' in my family tree
Smiling down
So mockingly
At the way he caught the rock
And threw it back at me
So what I've done is
Got my father's gun
And I'm gonna shoot that monkey
In the family tree

There's a monkey
Sittin' in my family tree
Quite ridiculously
'Cause every shot I took has missed
And made a fool of me
But he won't laugh long,
He'll be good and gone
When I drop this atom bomb
On the family tree

There's a monkey
Sittin' in my family tree
Very mournfully
When I ask if there's room
Up on his branch for me
And with a very sad face,
Up in outer space
I take my place beside
The monkey in the family tree
nice poem dude i wuz just wonderin how u get the moving avatars so i can make mine move
Rick van Opbergen
haha no I'm not going to sing that song! I mean, it's a nice song, but I can't sing. Don't want to disturb him even more
i still wish i could have a movin avatar like peapods
Rick van Opbergen
Just wait 'til she's online again.
i juess i just will have to when does she usualy come on? in time from now
Rick van Opbergen
You can send her a PM as well.
mm yeai think i will
little dude I don't make them move I get them from all over the place, I have lots, so if you want one. I will answer your pm and tell you what I got. Also parnoid here at the forum makes them, he made me an awesome one with my name on it. So he knows how to do it. If you don't want anything I have talk to him. I gotta run things to do.
thx pea for that info
little dude I sent you the moving avatars that I figured you might like.
Paranoid Dot Calm
I'm not sure what kind of animation you'd like. I don't even know if your male or female.
Anyways; I made this text graphic for yuh and chose a neutral colour of silver.

Peapod avatar and sj007 make me dizzy. But I like them anyways.
Paranoid Dot Calm
Hey, Can I have one too Paranoid.
Paranoid Dot Calm

These were very easy to do.
I'm no genius.

I used Ulead 3D Cool v3.5 to create these. Ulead comes with about 45 "compositions" or "prefabs" and I just alter them in any which way I care to.

When making the first one, it was necessary for me to use Adobe Image Ready, in order to get it properly done.

Calm those are awesome. You are a very kind person and most generous. I will never give up my peapod witch...its one of my favorites.
It sounds Japanese to me. Can you try one for me? Please!
Paranoid Dot Calm
I could put any name or nic on these which I stole.

But I am not a lady. LOL or crazy either. Don't wear dresses and I am not that old.

Paranoid Dot Calm

They were for PeaPod .... I read someplace where she liked bikes or wanted one for Christmas. (I think she's a she).

I made this one for you moghrabi.

Paranoid Dot Calm
Calm those are so good.

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